Arindam Chaudhuri के IIPM से जुड़ाव पर Court ने Shah Rukh Khan से जवाब मांगा है | Maheshwer Peri

Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) is back in news. Calcutta High Court, responding to a petition filed by two former IIPM students, has directed Shahrukh Khan to submit an affidavit explaining his links with IIPM. Journey of this controversial institution and its promoter Arindam Chaudhuri is a case of serious lapses. Hero of this story is Maheshwer Peri, a former journalist of Outlook magazine and founder of Careers360 who fought almost single-handedly against a powerful and resourceful organization.
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      Kabhi ramon magsaysay award milne waale MR RAVISH KUMAR ke baare m bhi bataaya karo... Ye to nhi bataaoge.... #GODIMEDIA

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      @Aaliya mumtaz royal stage 😋vitamin hai...seriously🤔



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    कृपया आप आगे की खबर भी से और जनता को इसके बारे में बताए ।।



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    Fir koi update nhi de aapne ....kya hua is lutere ka

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    Female saurabh dvivedi

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    Madame thodi speed badhao. Itna time Kahan hai?

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    Arindham should be jailed for life time. Usko kutte ki maut mile. Aids ho jaye. Cancer se tadap tadap kar mare. Zinda lash bane. Koi davai uske Kam na aaye

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    9 दिन पहले are such an amazing Storyteller. Thank you so much for such an informative video.

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    niyam aur sakht hone chaiye

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    थैंक्स पेरी

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    In 2011 when iipm was running in its top... I went there with couple of my friends... Gave entrance test for BBA and with god grace(😂🤣) we cleared it... And when we were returning back to our home through bus we were very excited like we cleared UPSC... Then suddenly one person sitting next to me told about some fraud cases on IIPM and suggested to not join it... But some of my friends were so attracted by its atmosphere that they took that guy response as jealous 😂 and ignored him... But being concerned about my fathers hard earned money i opted to go with IP university and working in Pepsico... And two out of my those 3 iipm friends again had to do graduation and one has never got even graduation degree as his family has already spent around 15 lac in his studies and accommodation, they spent rest of their savings to open a shope for him.... 😔

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    Book the bastard Shahrukh Khan also.

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    Ek vedio vestige pe bhi bnaye

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    The lallatop you guys are the real cheater hab koi garib case jit jata hai tab aaplog uska photo dikhate hain ayr jab case ongoing chalta hai toh tab aaplog agenda aut congress ki support karte ho aur apne statement me urdu ka istamaal karte ho kahena toh yeh chahta hu ki sabi kisi tarah ki dalali karte hain aur yeh jo aaplog khala aur abbu ka example deti ho yeh v agendas hai taaki aaplog bharat ko aur yaha k hindu ko daba sako

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    Lovely professional university is also same

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    Catch the egg before they hatch beti chod IIPM

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    Why don't you directly say that IIPM Chutia banata hai students ko



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    Omg i was also thinking of Mba from here in 2011/12 but couldn,t bloody fraud peoples,Madam be relax n talk normally,take easy,who the hell was he,playing with law.using his power like politician n threatening to peoples,cheating,case should be filed on him

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    Great 👍

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    Maheshwar Peri JI ko Big Salute. Please investigate the institution before taking any decisions for children's career

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    why cant this lady talk in active voice.All sentences are in passive voice. Dramebaz.

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    Mene bhi 2012 se pass out kiya he.... Agar kahi pe me agar Mr Peri ki help kar Saku to karungi...... Fuck off Mr arindam Choudhari man.......

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    Are Kya kiya IIPM ne wo mat dikhao but ab ye force karo IIPM ko ki wo at least ab to registered university ya Deemed University ban jaye taki jo logo k paise lage hai wo to vasool ho jaye

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    Koi jawab aaya

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    CAUTION!!!: Dr Vivek Bindra is the next Arindam Chaudhury. Beware.

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    bahut bahut dhanyabad lallantop or unki team ko .

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    Thank you Madam for your this information.

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    Ghamand ..barbaad kr dia

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    boring sound



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    Very good presentation sister..

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    No body can treat you management and business if you don't have patience and guts.. These passed MBA r nothing but machines



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    Thanks for putting out such a great information. 🙏❤💪

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    Peri are great...

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    Chor tha

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    yeh arindam bahut bada madaechod nikla. thug of hindustan.

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    IIPM wale dislike kr rhe hai

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    Srk mc bc ka ek bhi film nhi dekhna chahiye Indian ko

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    He looks like Sharvesh Shashi

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    "Dare to think beyond IIMs" 😂😂

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    Is sab fuduwade mai govt Kya kr rhi thi

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    India has few celebs who are really socially responsible ! That Vimal Devgan and SRK !

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    This woman journalist should know the difference between IMI Belgium and IIM Belgium. Later she also says IMA Belgium. Too bad slips from Lallantop.



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    SRK actor, jisne paisa denge uske liye ads karenge toh ismein SRK ka kohi dosh nahi. Agar uska dosh hain toh PM Modi k sath Ram Rahim, Asharam, Nirab Modi etc k sath ghuma tha toh isska matlaab Modi ka hi dosh hain?!

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    Dare to think beyond IIMs 😂😂😅😅😂

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    Arindam KO bjp join karao bhai

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    Modiji is the brother of arindam chaudhary

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    Ugc and other educational authorities responsible for these fraudial events

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    Arindam chaudhary is the greatest cheater of India

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    Celebrates wants to earn money at any rate

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    These types of fraud inst. are occasionally found in Noida sector 1 - 18 | 62 | 63 - 67 ... offering 100% placement ... by taken good bulky amount ...

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    Foolish parents | students who got enrolled with such fraud Institutions ... not even checked government UGC approval ...

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    Kyu copy maar rahi hai

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    Vivek kumar : an entertainer

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    May God bless you, sister

  60. Sachin Gaur

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    Hi, I am sachin Gaur from SS 05-07 batch of IIPM, IIPM was one of the best institute. Currently i am a Co Founder of The Office Pass (Coworking Spaces) and I proudly says this that I am from IIPM and whatever i am today is just coz of IIPM and Arindam Sir. What will you say to IIT and IIMs students, our govt is giving subsidies (must be in crores) to IIM and IIT students and after their studies they go abroad. The students who are claiming that didnt got the job is just because they were not capable as per the industry, its not possible that you pay a good amount of fee and you will get a job, it totally depends on you. So, in short IIPM was different from others and they have transformed life of many students.