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    Wash_ Gaming

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    Hardik Madaan

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    You will become a billionare

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    Kittu Krishna

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    Bro I want to meet you can u give me the permission

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    Rajan Rajaan

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    Good luck 👍



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    Love you Lana

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    app mania

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    Your sister is soooo cute

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    Issac gaming

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    Airtrain Airport 😁😁😁 👇

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    Jack Eliot

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    I’m going on business class to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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    Yash Dongare

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    Gu morning 😂😂😂

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    iglesia nueva adventista del septimo dia

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    do you like to travel of dominican republic???? pleas

  12. Kenn's Instagram At: i000

    Kenn's Instagram At: i000

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    Dang, What happened with Lana. She use to be thick (in a good way)!

  13. Norhan Hamed

    Norhan Hamed

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    Mo ..narin 😻😻



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    4:46..Mo wanted to say wtf..but he has to say "that is definitely different" as he is getting paid for this..

  15. Melih Sert

    Melih Sert

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    Ibraheem Ali

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    Bro chill

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    Mo ❤️🤩 😍😘 ❤️

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    Doruk Can Fırat

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    Türk arkadaşlarım varsa Proffesional kamera var Neden polisler durdurmuyorlar Valilikten izin almadılar ?

  19. Muhammad Zahid

    Muhammad Zahid

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    He is living the high life

  20. m. m

    m. m

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    It's sad to see how lana behaves as a muslim, 💔 You'd never think she is one with the way she acts, dresses, and her name. No modesty left here.

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    RSAS h

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    Give me a bit of money

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    Truth Win

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    get well soon bimbas

  23. Alia Hewad

    Alia Hewad

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    Why does Mo always sound like he has a flu ... all his life

  24. Hashir Alam

    Hashir Alam

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    From where you do u get money ??

  25. Bharat Agarwal

    Bharat Agarwal

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    Hey guys u know hindi language i know

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    Divyansh Jain

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    9:42 thank me later

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    Abhinav Sorte

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    Divyansh Jain

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    9:15 🙏

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    Divyansh Jain

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    Divyansh Jain

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    Waseem Atif

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    Arab porn industry

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    Bushra Khan

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    Why r u showing off stupidity 🙄

  37. Katumba Agnes

    Katumba Agnes

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    sorry for baz



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    Can I marry your sister?

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    No Use

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    Can i get Lana for 1 Night and i know many more want her to just destroy her...from all sides

  41. Tom Dimoski

    Tom Dimoski

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    i wanna see Lana in that bathtub!!!!!

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    ulta manush

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    HR Rakib fishing

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    Mo blog was nice bro😍😍😍🤗

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    Chanel Diaz

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  45. Toufik Imrose

    Toufik Imrose

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    I know you are not so Rich.....but trying . ..

  46. Toufik Imrose

    Toufik Imrose

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    Sex traveling......

  47. Toufik Imrose

    Toufik Imrose

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    Fucking video.....😆😆😆😆

  48. Thampy Mathew

    Thampy Mathew

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    h lana how much fucking make up do u fucking dump on u r face..... it makes u look fucking ugly...….

  49. Zulqarnain Qasim

    Zulqarnain Qasim

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    Happy holiday MO VLOGS

  50. The Cheap Russian

    The Cheap Russian

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    Indian tharkis are here for his sister lmao using her in the thumbnail for gaining views noice strat man

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  52. Indranil Mukherjee

    Indranil Mukherjee

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    Try making some quality content. Rather than just showing off your money and sister 😂😂

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    Jairo Ramírez Navarro

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    Good morning dear Family 🤔😄Mami. 👍👌☺️

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    HASEEB king

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    Lana looks hot

  55. Krystian Sieminski

    Krystian Sieminski

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    There is a guy name DUMB ASS, o boy, DUMB ASS - like what? o MO You in Germany, say hi to A Hitler the most famous German,he was bad-but he would like to play killing games with You MO on play station, get some German sausage, hardy mustard and BEER, and BEER, and I like the new sister look.....ouch- HOT, very HOT, maybe too HOT.TH

  56. Booty Doo Wop

    Booty Doo Wop

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    Why does he pronounce literally like lit chair ly ?

  57. osamh_1004 osamh

    osamh_1004 osamh

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    ااااخ يا ديوس

  58. Amrit Mahat

    Amrit Mahat

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  59. Mohamed Tawfeeq

    Mohamed Tawfeeq

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    You are Muslims or kafeer

  60. Slick Tee

    Slick Tee

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    You're so cringy and your content is cringy I don't know why you even have friends or why your videos even pop up on my recommended. And it's obvious you're using your own sister's body for views that's kinda fucked up