How To Hypnotize Yourself in 2 Minutes

Listen to the soothing sound of our voice as you go deeper and deeper because we are going to hypnotize you! That's right, in today's amazing video we are going to share some real self hypnosis techniques that you can use to hypnotize yourself or someone else.
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  1. The Infographics Show

    The Infographics Show

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    1. Best when watching with your headphones. 2. I removed mid-roll ads so that you don't get taken out of it.

    • Daniel Clinton

      Daniel Clinton

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      The Infographics Show thx

    • Peter Yau

      Peter Yau

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      The Infographics Show thank u your the best

    • Pharaoh Budgie

      Pharaoh Budgie

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      It worked on me this is how I will make my father stop smoking

    • Ruth Beaty

      Ruth Beaty

      महीने पहले

      According to a hypnotist I heard speak one time, who also did it professionally, not everyone can be hypnotized. Usually, people who have a lower IQ, cannot be hypnotized. And some people are just resistant to it. And no, you cannot be made to do anything you don't want to, lol.

    • Viktor Barna

      Viktor Barna

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      @TheInfographicsShow Hypnosis?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. AsianNeys 1

    AsianNeys 1

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    Wow it work on me so well

  3. Shockwave Bot

    Shockwave Bot

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    Actually you get hyptonised every time you watch television.



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    A 10 MINUTE VIDEO ON how to hypontise yourself in TWO minutes.......

  5. 周佳宏


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    me: why nothing is happening

  6. MajkelI Gaming

    MajkelI Gaming

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    video title: in 2 mins video length: 10 mins

  7. Broek James

    Broek James

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    Well i slept

  8. Spiciest Wing ever

    Spiciest Wing ever

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    How to hypnotize yourself in 2 minutes in a 10 minute video

  9. Jacob Grady

    Jacob Grady

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    I was tired til he went to doctor part

  10. epic dragon one

    epic dragon one

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    how does this work

  11. Blal Mahdy

    Blal Mahdy

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    All that happened that my limbs have become numb at the middle of the video

  12. Leonard Cirligeanu

    Leonard Cirligeanu

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    This is amazing actually

  13. Just OwO

    Just OwO

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    The first trick was basically a guide to using Hamon

  14. kim tea

    kim tea

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    Me: *Watches video* The Infographics Show: *Counts down from 10 to 1* Me after watching the video: I... feel... so... relaxed...

  15. Kaustubh Kamble

    Kaustubh Kamble

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    Why am a seeing a screensaver from 90's ?

  16. Frozer Alex

    Frozer Alex

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    Lol at one point of the spiral I forgot to breathe

  17. Sabrina Pickles

    Sabrina Pickles

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    You smell! LOL!!!

  18. Prince Kumar

    Prince Kumar

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    Watching in bathroom no one gonna disturb

  19. PNut8421


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    Gonna save this to later. Do NOT watch this while working. As soon as I started drifting, I had to snap myself out so I could get back to work.

  20. aaron wright

    aaron wright

    26 दिन पहले

    I've never believed in hypnosis but I'm always willing to believe and it actually worked

  21. Erica Salem

    Erica Salem

    27 दिन पहले

    Thank you

  22. Peruna Jumala

    Peruna Jumala

    28 दिन पहले

    In the stage 3 I could actually smell sigarets

  23. Andrew Nicolaou

    Andrew Nicolaou

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    This video made me feel so relaxed thanks for making it

  24. Najwa Laylah

    Najwa Laylah

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    OH. This is only for people who have ever smoked. ... Dat's rayciss.

  25. Najwa Laylah

    Najwa Laylah

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    Have you seen the Yellow Sign? But seriously, why an "out-spiral"? I just got low-key annoyed, with a feeling like my BS Detector was going off.

  26. Swayam Sinha

    Swayam Sinha

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    Video:- How to hypnotize yourself in 2 mins. Video length:- 10 mins.

  27. King T

    King T

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    I was in the sleep like stage and started hearing snoring. I realized it was me.

  28. Lola Traynier

    Lola Traynier

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    So weard

  29. Dan C

    Dan C

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    You talk WAY too quickly. DO THIS DO THAT FOCUS ON THIS STOP THINKING BE RELAXED FOCUS DONT BE STRESSED BREATHE IN AND OUT. AT THE SAME TIME. DO IT. BREATHE. RELAX. I really love all of your videos, but if you listen to any guided meditation, you'll realise how absolutely terrible this is.

  30. funny ahmad

    funny ahmad

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    You legit made me sleep

  31. edo edo

    edo edo

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    Man you are bad you want to hipntize us who are you man

  32. Christian Tayag

    Christian Tayag

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    So relaxed I pooped in my pants.

  33. Potato with 50,000 subscribers

    Potato with 50,000 subscribers

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    I actually fell asleep 😅

  34. Life Racers

    Life Racers

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    Well this ain’t working. But it’s probably cause I am always stressed, and have major anxiety that stays all the time.

  35. der gamer der echte

    der gamer der echte

    महीने पहले


  36. Nandini Shekhawat

    Nandini Shekhawat

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    It is obvious that if you stare at something for long you'll get bored and fall asleep

  37. Eon Da Noob

    Eon Da Noob

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    Bruh, just eat a pufferfish

  38. Jennifer Rythe

    Jennifer Rythe

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    Hey I'm not a smoker. I'm a drinker. And I have gone 2 months without it. Used to 3 a week but before that 3 month. Just been 2 months now.

  39. Kaye Rodriguez

    Kaye Rodriguez

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    Boy yu thicc

  40. random account

    random account

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    *W h y v o i c e s o c a l m i n g*

  41. Jo you know

    Jo you know

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    BLACK PEOPLE *GET OUT!* !He's taking us to the sunken place! 😂😂😂

  42. John Tafe

    John Tafe

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    Well I wound up falling asleep and losing my AirPods and having my phone die so that didn’t work out too well

  43. Never broke Again

    Never broke Again

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    Are you looking through the comments to see if this works ??? Cant seem to find one ? Its cause who ever watched is dead

  44. Mai Hranjec

    Mai Hranjec

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    wait sooo at around 0:50 i need to be happy? but what if i have depression?! uhhhh!?

  45. Alona Tolbert

    Alona Tolbert

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    At first, I was a bit scared then I got relaxed, but I didn't get sleepy or anything, I just started laughing for no reason

  46. Florin Curteanu

    Florin Curteanu

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    I didn't get hypnotized becuase I was too bussy reading the subtritations.

  47. Jaque


    महीने पहले

    So Realxed!

  48. Vince ivan

    Vince ivan

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    I feel like being blown by tornado.

  49. Alex Reiss

    Alex Reiss

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    doesn't work for me, is this a scam?

  50. Alex Reiss

    Alex Reiss

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    uhmm I'm not hipnotized yet!

  51. Corn Fed

    Corn Fed

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    For something this, you speak WAY WAY too quickly. Fail.

  52. ああみか


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    i swear, the 10 second sleeping hypno made me more anxious as u count down

  53. SyeDarK 1

    SyeDarK 1

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    Com'on dude he said breath in and out until he counts down Now I forgot how to breath and have to breathe manually 😂😂

  54. parker


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    the relaxation wa great

  55. RandomScrub


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    My brother said I was entranced for the whole video so it works for me. I snapped out once I felt like I was falling off of a mountain

    • Tyler Gillingham

      Tyler Gillingham

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  56. Joseph Magliocca

    Joseph Magliocca

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    This video is 8 minutes too long!

  57. Belligerent Instigator

    Belligerent Instigator

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    stare at the spiral, then go look at a picture of something.

  58. Bearded Dragon Sir

    Bearded Dragon Sir

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    How to hypnotize yourself in 2 minutes? Smh video is 10 minutes long

  59. Dxorio


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    Now I can hypnotize myself to do homework

  60. Steve White

    Steve White

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    This made me want a cig