1. Perpetually Flossing

    Perpetually Flossing

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    For those debating whether its good or not to have a stripper girlfriend, I had one. Some of the best times ever, even though we both knew it wouldn't last. #GoodTimes lol

  2. Clayton MacGillivray

    Clayton MacGillivray

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    Usher is a simp

  3. blackbirdx7777


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    loser song

  4. Daisy Rushton

    Daisy Rushton

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    Who ,s here

  5. Daisy Rushton

    Daisy Rushton

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    Love it

  6. MH gaming

    MH gaming

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    Miss songs like this usher is the the boy

  7. Ashley Ferrusquia

    Ashley Ferrusquia

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    i love this song

  8. peemouth


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    Best in class kermit sings this

  9. CinimonToast Cleatus

    CinimonToast Cleatus

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    1:55 Lester meme

  10. ThomasIsntHere


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  11. Glorya Vlogid

    Glorya Vlogid

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    🔥 1:16 💛🖤 👇 👇🧡

  13. ContinentalYo


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    honestly just came here for nostalgia

  14. xento art

    xento art

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    Its not complete without kermit

  15. Rocky08 R

    Rocky08 R

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    I came here from Dolan twins vine

  16. YaBoiDucky


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    Shawty I don’t miiiiiiiiiiiiind

  17. _Carashi GMAV

    _Carashi GMAV

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  18. Ava Staton

    Ava Staton

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    Any one here ?2020

  19. IG: Friendly_arianator

    IG: Friendly_arianator

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    The locals on the comment section are getting too brave

  20. I_Just_Post


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    2:00 lester tik tok lmao

  21. lila pola

    lila pola

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  22. Breezy Bishal

    Breezy Bishal

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    Who doesn't love Usher???

  23. Coleen


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    here because of Christine Samson's pinned tweet 💕

  24. Carissa Schaefer

    Carissa Schaefer

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    I love you

  25. Paitten Bishop

    Paitten Bishop

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    I rather be a little bit of a hoe then be a full-time stripper.

  26. João Assunção

    João Assunção

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    Usher went crazy on it 🔥🔥

  27. doki doki jihad club

    doki doki jihad club

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    The theme song of simps worldwide.

  28. Emil Isidro

    Emil Isidro

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    when i was a kid i was scared of that song cause i never heard it before Cause my dog died and when i was a sleep i was heard that song from my dogs curse

  29. BadkiddRoyalty


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    Who's here in 2020 wya?

  30. react0r 56

    react0r 56

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    I’m here from the gta5 Lester mene

  31. Pitimino


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    OG vine gang

  32. Desiree Lynn Covarrubias

    Desiree Lynn Covarrubias

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    Everytime I hear this it makes me think of the Kermit video 😂😂

  33. Timothy Johnson

    Timothy Johnson

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    My dad put this song on I am like hey this is from tik tok

    • Jeff My butt

      Jeff My butt

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      Timothy Johnson no Kermit the frog vine

  34. Adrienne Allen

    Adrienne Allen

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    2:01 I can't sing this part without seeing a mental image of Danielle Cohn dancing.. 🤮

  35. Adrienne Allen

    Adrienne Allen

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    The OG's came here from Kermit...

    • that one jager main

      that one jager main

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      Adrienne Allen i learned the kermit voice perfectly olny for this

  36. Irrelevant. Egg

    Irrelevant. Egg

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  37. T0d3y


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  38. future gaming

    future gaming

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  39. Aaliyah Sluisdom

    Aaliyah Sluisdom

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    Nobody: Me:What vine? What tiktok? (I'm from the Nintendo community)

  40. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose

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    One. Tiktok 😇😇

  41. laurence momberg

    laurence momberg

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    “Ursher baby”

  42. Deray Hankerson

    Deray Hankerson

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    As the beat drop I'm just get to twerkin twerkin twerkin

  43. Bianca Kelina

    Bianca Kelina

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    I like this song because of Kermit😂😂😂😂💕

  44. Blue Soul

    Blue Soul

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    My the only one from vine

  45. Anti Social

    Anti Social

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    Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of the Kermit vine

  46. Gina Plays

    Gina Plays

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    There are three popular references in this song. 1: kermet the frog vine 2: money money money 3: tik tok dance

  47. Sike lee

    Sike lee

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    I wish they just made money they settin real nikka up now smh

  48. cloudsoflilac


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    🐸: shawty i don't _mAAAAiiNd_

  49. King Leonidas

    King Leonidas

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    Never heard of the tik tok girl. Came from Kermit singing in the front seat.

  50. Mr Meh

    Mr Meh

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    He the King of Herpes

  51. Mr. Fish

    Mr. Fish

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    Some song James Corden would play at his "hotel" in "Hotel Hell"

  52. Dinesh Singh

    Dinesh Singh

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    Kermit brought m here

  53. Sonic TheHedgehog11152006

    Sonic TheHedgehog11152006

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    I don’t think people remember but this song also appeared in a King Bach vine where Bach is helping a friend lift weights in the gym. This song comes on and Bach gets distracted dancing and his friend almost died being crushed by the weight.

    • vanilla_talkz


      15 दिन पहले

      Hahahah yesss that one was good. I thought i was the only one who remebered

  54. don't try it! pretty in real life

    don't try it! pretty in real life

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    Who here for 2020?

  55. MS. ALL

    MS. ALL

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    I use to think he was a decent example of R&B until Iheard this filth 6 years later......Sad

  56. SUW97P GANG


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    Am I the only one who thinks this should be on hustlers 😏🤣

  57. IcedOut_ Shadow

    IcedOut_ Shadow

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    Lester has joined the chat

  58. ddagat


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    Lester crest brought me here

  59. Diogo dz1

    Diogo dz1

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    money money money money money !

  60. Matthew Aguirre-Mata

    Matthew Aguirre-Mata

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    These TikTok comments are annoying. Just enjoy the song guys.