Introducing Guruji | Pankaj Tripathi | Sacred Games 2

Guruji teaches his disciples an important lesson on the difference between God and Man.


  1. Kumar Vaibhav

    Kumar Vaibhav

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    Aham brahmasmi

  2. Abhishek Negi

    Abhishek Negi

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    Even his looks are great he is gonna give us a great character with great performance

  3. Morga Hussain

    Morga Hussain

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    Excellent series !



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    Gai tonde ko gay tonde bna diya guruji aapne

  5. rohit joshi

    rohit joshi

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    *Time is Radioactive* 🙏

  6. Chris Morris

    Chris Morris

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    Yeh Saala Gandu guru ji apun ko shuru se hi jhoolu lagta tha

  7. Dhruv


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    Bhuvan bam when he's 45

  8. H S

    H S

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  9. Abhimanyu Karnawat

    Abhimanyu Karnawat

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    Guruji is my hero

  10. Tejas Bhadri

    Tejas Bhadri

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  11. visharad rawat

    visharad rawat

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    Apun ko Guruji se milne ka hai

  12. aditya


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    Aham Brahmasmi

  13. Shilanjoy Bhattacharjee

    Shilanjoy Bhattacharjee

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    Aham Brahmasmi



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    Guruji's ideology was right! #change my mind challenge

  15. Vivek Verma

    Vivek Verma

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    Am I the only one who liked the way he always took the name Ganesss😂😂

  16. ReoSensei


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    Aham Bhramasmi

  17. Happy D

    Happy D

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    Yeh toh Swami Om hai.

  18. Indiana Johns

    Indiana Johns

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    This sankh goons are now after anurag kahyap, ... salute you sir,

  19. tapanjeet roy

    tapanjeet roy

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    Thank for uploading it

  20. N J

    N J

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    It's a-hum not ahem, हिंदी में उच्चारण की गड़बड़ है यार जाने दो म******

  21. 100k challenge without any video

    100k challenge without any video

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    Sacred games season 2 bekar hai ek dam time waste

  22. gkdiscovery


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    Aur aur kitta lamba khichonge be??? Season 2 me bhi khtm nahi kiya? Bolu kya gaotonde ko tumhari G.....🤐

  23. Erwin Rommell

    Erwin Rommell

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    Desi thanos

  24. Ananyo Chatterjee

    Ananyo Chatterjee

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    Pankaj Aasan

  25. Sayan Chowdhury

    Sayan Chowdhury

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    The top 2 comments are commented by same guy...woww

  26. beatsby aayush

    beatsby aayush

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    Ganes 🤣

  27. king khan

    king khan

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    Yr bomb blowed or didn't kindly tell me Netflix

    • king khan

      king khan

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      I think bomb blown out because sartaj use wrong pattern

  28. Sushakti Panda

    Sushakti Panda

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  29. Cherry Verma

    Cherry Verma

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    Gaitonde: Apun ko sirf gaand marvani thi 🤣

  30. Sayantan Mondal

    Sayantan Mondal

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    Gaitonde ki baap ne sahi mein gaand marli

  31. Bennito Mussollini

    Bennito Mussollini

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    Worst sequel ever.....

  32. sumit armo

    sumit armo

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    Dekh k comment krna babaji prasad na dede

  33. Dhananjay Tailor

    Dhananjay Tailor

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    Lund jaisi S2 thi

  34. Sahil Raza

    Sahil Raza

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    If Hollywood has Hannibal Lecter. India has Guruji. Who else believes he is the greatest villain of Indian cinema after watching season 2?

  35. Ohm Charan

    Ohm Charan

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    Is it just me or The sacred games s2 reminds me so much of The assassin's creed series and Far Cry 5 (The Father) Joseph seed..



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      Me too!

  36. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

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    Guruji was right all along, leaving that spontaneous act of bisexuality.

  37. Pranjal Srivastava

    Pranjal Srivastava

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    Who also watched Second Season in the first night of release.......

  38. bassam kidwai

    bassam kidwai

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    Acting like osho

  39. zeevlog YouTuber

    zeevlog YouTuber

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    Half the season was bored and very slow..

  40. zeevlog YouTuber

    zeevlog YouTuber

    3 महीने पहले

    Season 1 was awesome and 2 sucks totally