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65 ரூபாய் முதல் Amazon and AliExpress Gadgets

65 ரூபாய் முதல் Amazon and AliExpress Gadgets
7 திகில் Games | 7 Best Horror Games in 2019
#8 Earphone Organizer
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cvSMrTK ---- Rs.65
amzn.to/31OxHc7 ---- Rs.500
#7 Solar Powered LED Candle Light
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bjv2POgg ---- Rs.120
amzn.to/2ZfHSEM ---- Rs 567.00
Combo : amzn.to/2KYQ0V5 ----- Rs.3000
#6 3 IN 1 8Pin USB Type
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/S3T1K8u ---- Rs.157
amzn.to/2NgASFo ----- Rs.799
#5 Flying Fidget Spinner
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bOdUqVsy ---- Rs.850
#4 collapsible coffee silicone cup
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bIa2pmac ---- Rs.592
amzn.to/31OxYvF ---- Rs.576
#3 Tap Water & Drink Beverage
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cX9xmY2G ---- Rs.265
amzn.to/33HfvTL ------- Rs.345
#2 M3 Smart Watch Band
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/1QgjR1A ---- Rs.499
amzn.to/2NniISv ----- Rs.499
#1 Mobile Phone Cooling Pad Gamepad Cooler Fan
s.click.aliexpress.com/e/BUsEww8 ------ Rs.570
amzn.to/2MroP8R ----- Rs.649

#8 No more tripping over leads on the floor.Help you organize the twisting earphone wire.Keep your earphone/headphone cables always tidy everywhere you go.
#7 Unique Design: Good candle design, no smoke, no flame, no self - heating, eco friendly.
Solar Energy Charge: Put the top of candles under the sun,turn on the switch of candles on the bottom,it will charge automatically.
Realistic and Safe: Incredibly realistic dancing flame without real fire, safe to use around children and pets, never worry about fire-related accidents again.
#6 Connector tested 5000+ times, never in worse connection
Compatible for Phone X 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus / SE 5 / 5S and Pad / Pad Mini / Pad Pro, USB Micro for Android Phones and Wireless Accessories, and USB type C Compatible for 2015 Google Chrome book Pixel / Pixel C, Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus S8 / S8 Plus, LG G5 / G6, Google Pixel / Pixel XL, Google Nexus 5X / 6P, Huawei P9 / P9 Plus, Honor 8, HP Pavilion x2, Nokia N1, OnePlus 2 / 3, HTC 10 and more
Material: Nylon braided+ Aluminium Alloy. Length : 120 cm(4 ft). This cable is only charging cable. Convenient charging of several devices simultaneously or individually.
#3 Innovative design solves the problem of spillage Designed for all ages
Magic Tap turns any beverage container into an easy-to-use drink dispenser that eliminates the need to lift heavy bottles, and also prevents spills, drips, and waste. Designed to be used with hot or cold beverages, it has a battery-powered motor to draw drinks up through the straw and out of the dispenser
#2 Fitness Tracker Band : More Accurate In Track Your Activity Levels, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Pedometer,Walking Distance And Calculate Calories Burned. Achieve The Daily Exercise Targets You Set And With The App To Analyze Your Fitness And Sleep Activities To Help You Improve Your Lifestyle
#1 2-in-1 Function: This phone cooling pad can used as phone radiator fan,but also as a phone stand in daily life. That can be used alone, also can be used in combination.
Cooling: High-speed,high-speed 4000-rpm high quality fan,strong cooler,excellent heat dissipation effect.Effectively solve the overheating problem that plays games or watch the video on mobile phone for a long time, greatly extending the service life of the mobile phone


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    I have seen many Mobile signal boosters or Amplifiers in Aliexpress. Do they really work? Can you please review it. It will be very useful for many, if it works.

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    Flying fidget spinner

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    Last two gadgets



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    M3 smart band

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    Mobile cooler I like bro

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  43. D.Ramprasanth 85321

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