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iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Released! Everything You Need To Know

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max & Apple Watch Series 5 are Official! New Colors, Specs, Features, Camera, Battery & A13 Processor!
iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro comparison: inplayer.info/show/NEV5OE5vSy1iV0E.html
iPhone 11 Pro Clone Unboxing: inplayer.info/show/LURzalA0ZjhyZzQ.html


  1. EverythingApplePro


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    iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro comparison uploaded! inplayer.info/show/NEV5OE5vSy1iV0E.html

    • A. J. Franklin

      A. J. Franklin

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      sakenu16 Finance with Apple to get free Apple TV for a year

    • Mouad Belkho

      Mouad Belkho

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      obviously the transistor count will be lower because it has TWO less cores, i don't get why you're complaining

    • Namark Alfantazi

      Namark Alfantazi

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    • Namark Alfantazi

      Namark Alfantazi

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  2. Ricky Tanner

    Ricky Tanner

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    Cant wait to see you drop it

  3. Lars Andersen

    Lars Andersen

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    The iPhone 11 doesn’t have 90 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate, which is not really a big deal yet. But I think Apple has something way more cool up their sleve. The will instead adopt the adaptive refresh rate technology from the Apple Watch Series 5. I can very well imagine that they will adopt and expand this technology so it will operate between 1 Hz and 120 Hz

  4. P&S Productionz

    P&S Productionz

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    "Not so sure if you can control the video quality settings" go settings scroll down to camera click on video quality🤣😓

  5. Jesus Avila

    Jesus Avila

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    So are we just going to ignore that it doesn't have reversed wireless charging? Everything that been told from everything appleprohere and other leakers said that it was going to come out with the new iPhone 11 pro



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    I may get the IPhone Pro Max. It can supplement my GoPro for my vlogs on my INplayer channel.

  7. Daniel Muñoz

    Daniel Muñoz

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    Relese date?

  8. Shalini Rana

    Shalini Rana

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    I wanted to wait for the 2020 iPhone because everythingapplepro said that the iPhone released in that year would be the best one. But if apple is going to be upgrading the pro line and keeping the iPhone 11 relatively the same in order to reflect the lower price points, should I just get it this year? Or should I wait to get the 2020 iPhone?

  9. Justin Grissom

    Justin Grissom

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    i don’t think anyone can really judge new iphones anymore i mean what ideas are left as far as appearance goes can you think of anything?

  10. YSWG1


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    Yeah boi I’m getting an iPhone 11 🔥🌟

  11. jacob cardinal

    jacob cardinal

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    Are the phone cases you made ready to buy? I’d like one for my iPhone 11 pro

  12. Estong Armstrong

    Estong Armstrong

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    Who else notice Samsung S10+ is better. Subscribe to my channel anyway.

  13. GreatValueReviews


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    I just started a INplayer channel I do reviews on different things if you'd like to check it out that would make my day and if you like it please subscribe 🙂

  14. Victoria Olympia Tziamtzis

    Victoria Olympia Tziamtzis

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    Guys my sister works at t Mobile and used to work at Verizon and sprint. The Apple phones have very small upgrades every year which are barely upgrades because Samsung produces the phones for them and they pay Samsung. This means that if they majorly upgrade they will be most likely losing money because they have to pay for the production of the phones along with the materials. Now you know.

  15. Luca Santoro

    Luca Santoro

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    Its not the same processor of aw 4. Its S5.

  16. Liverpool5563


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  17. JosiahTube


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    I'm getting iPad 7 generation

  18. Flicky


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    Why y’all keep complaining about the design? I honestly dont give a fuck about how it looks, im just into the new features, and i think you should too.

  19. Thtx NotMyJob

    Thtx NotMyJob

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  20. rEb


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    Oh cool, the same overpriced junk again but my word means nothing since many morons would shell out their last nickel for it.

  21. Carbon Racer

    Carbon Racer

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    Wow should have just waited the small amount of time... 750$ for my XR... could have saved 50$

  22. Keng Vue

    Keng Vue

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    What game is at 6:50

  23. Fraud.-


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    I legit payed 1,000 plus tax and shit for the iPhone XS and the IPhone 11 is 700$ and the iPhone 11 pro max is 1,100$! What the actual fuck, imma just wait like 3 or 2 more years till i get a new one.

  24. Kayla jenkins

    Kayla jenkins

    3 दिन पहले

    5g and the radiation is too dangerous for everyone

  25. 6s ix9ni ne

    6s ix9ni ne

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  26. lanilm kopo

    lanilm kopo

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    2024 : Apple removes the Apple logo in the back : 1,200 dollars extra

  27. Sebbo Vettel

    Sebbo Vettel

    3 दिन पहले

    Can u send me one of your old iPhone XS s please now that iPhone 11 is out 😏

    • lanilm kopo

      lanilm kopo

      3 दिन पहले

      What’s wrong with the audio?

  28. T Marion

    T Marion

    3 दिन पहले

    Upgrading from this 7 plus to the 11 pro max is going to be great lol

    • lanilm kopo

      lanilm kopo

      3 दिन पहले

      you guys would say Ohhh awweee

  29. rickysea


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    I have and have had an 8 Plus. I still see no need to upgrade.

  30. DocPhillippus


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    What do you think? I am doubtful if I should buy a IPhone 11 Pro Max or not. Now I am using the IPhoneXS Max. Is it better to wait until 2020, or is it really worth buying now the new IPhone 11Pro Max? Thank you.

  31. Venkat Reddy

    Venkat Reddy

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    Every year a faster chip on a already very fast phone... Why? How about same A12 chip +headphone jack, +reverse wireless charging, +faster and more reliable network chip(instead lagging intel), bigger battery, usb C, 90-120Hz amoled screen, 128Gb as starting option and 1terrabyte as a Pro, removed notch, under screen fingerprint sensor, HD+ as a minimum screen resolution... And this is just to catch up with whats out there, then I would like to see some genuine Apple inventions. Whold that not be amazing?

    • Shauka Hodan

      Shauka Hodan

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      have an iPhone 6 and my sister has a 6+ and we’re going to buy the 11 Pro Max, while my mother and other sister have an X and aren’t going to buy it

  32. Hung Doan

    Hung Doan

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    Apple selling iPhone 11, a phone with 9 year old screen technology, for $700. Apple latest iPhone 11 screen resolution is worse than my 3 year iPhone 7+. 326 ppi vs 401 ppi. In fact, the iPhone 11 resolution is the same as the iPhone 4, 326 ppi. Something to think about before buying iPhone 11.

  33. Kidada R.

    Kidada R.

    4 दिन पहले

    So I looked at the specs on Apple’s website and really couldn’t find a reason why the iPhone 11 was $1,500usd outside of some software updates that don’t really matter much. It’s just daunting as it seems Apple is trying to sell itself as a provider of services. What happens to leaders in innovation now?

  34. Sylvia Perez

    Sylvia Perez

    4 दिन पहले

    I don’t think apple cares about how they make their phones anymore....They know people are gonna buy it anyways.I already see people in the comments saying they are getting one

  35. Tamy Cabrera

    Tamy Cabrera

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    It was my bday when this was uploaded

  36. Khallil A. Marshall

    Khallil A. Marshall

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    Definitely waiting until 2020. I have the first X from 2017. So great phone already. iOS 13 can tide me over until then. Plus, I'm on Verizon and they have 5G available where I'm at. I think the next iPhone series will be 5G capable. Definitely waiting.

  37. Mritunjay Soni

    Mritunjay Soni

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    I'm watching iPhone 11 specifications from my Mi Pro 5 phone hehe 🤣😂

  38. DBZninjaTV


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    Like: iPhone Comment: Samsung

    • xoobo vola

      xoobo vola

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      I’m gonna stick with my xs max maybe next year more luck apple I don’t like the new one at all

  39. Atlas008Gd


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    Am I the only one who got an ad from Apple?

  40. jami johnson

    jami johnson

    4 दिन पहले

    I like Samsung.

  41. Cosmic Nebula

    Cosmic Nebula

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    What’s wrong with the audio?

  42. dark side

    dark side

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    Never Apple Again ...By Samsung Proud User 🙂

  43. gabrielgalaxygh


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    Super retina display a12 Bionic chop haha you apple sheep are idiots. Next year it'll have a super mega ultra retina display and B13 AI centrifical alpha bionic master chip... and you guys would say Ohhh awweee

  44. CarloSnowVlogs


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    I think at the step apple is going, the A10 Fusion chip is going to last until IOS15 or IOS16

  45. mbdunphy1


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    it’s ugly but i kinda like it

  46. BANGTAN El Mariachi

    BANGTAN El Mariachi

    4 दिन पहले

    watching this using iphone 6s plus

  47. Ibrahim TEM

    Ibrahim TEM

    4 दिन पहले

    If any of you iPhone X (or XS/max) owners in the comments don’t want to buy it that’s okay me and my family skip iPhone every time so stop making a big deal out of it, I right now have an iPhone 6 and my sister has a 6+ and we’re going to buy the 11 Pro Max, while my mother and other sister have an X and aren’t going to buy it

  48. Original L

    Original L

    4 दिन पहले

    Is the IPhone 11 better than the Xr?

  49. Alice


    4 दिन पहले

    i’m so excited about the ipad bc i’m still using the first ipad air 😂 haven’t been able to upgrade just yet

  50. Filly P

    Filly P

    5 दिन पहले

    Currently torn between the Note 10 and iPhone 11. I love both phones but just can't decide which one to get:/

  51. aaron stratton

    aaron stratton

    5 दिन पहले

    Its a phone? What more can people expect? Id love it to cook me dinner every night too .. but ITS JUST A PHONE. And frankly the best phone ever made at this point in time.

  52. Shamem Begum

    Shamem Begum

    5 दिन पहले

    Wait if you hold on the camera to take a video now how would you do burst photos?

  53. Puppet lover

    Puppet lover

    5 दिन पहले

    I’m gonna stick with my xs max maybe next year more luck apple I don’t like the new one at all

    • Mīkåÿłâ


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  54. Ensian Blåfugl

    Ensian Blåfugl

    5 दिन पहले

    Ain't it ugly...

  55. Joe King

    Joe King

    5 दिन पहले

    8:04 Both gsmarena and phonearena are stating peak brightness is 800 nits not 1200 as reported by Apple.

    • Joe King

      Joe King

      5 दिन पहले

      Sorry Puppet Lover, not sure what you mean.

    • Puppet lover

      Puppet lover

      5 दिन पहले


  56. Andy1341000


    5 दिन पहले

    Who’s Huawei, honestly stop talking about them, the company’s no longer relevant especially in the US. They’ve been blacklisted by google so no more google supported android.

  57. Fall3n x Envy

    Fall3n x Envy

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    You haven’t showed up in my new videos in a looooong time

  58. Success_is_me


    5 दिन पहले

    Buying a iPhone is like buying a pair a Jordan’s. Nothing different they just make it sound so good to your ears lol

  59. mufalme


    5 दिन पहले

    omg so many spoiled children in this comment section.. iphone 11 pro max is a beast.. and a huge up from the iphone 8 which i have. the phone emboldens some of the most important aspects of the phone... all these iphone 4 and 6 useres trying to glorify why they are poor and cant afford 20$ a month for a phone.. This phone looks dope, def gonna get it

  60. Tony


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    Funny how apple shows that their phones are faster than the pixel/galaxy/Huawei phones yet in real world usage the iPhone xs max got it's ass beat by the Note 10+, op7 pro, galaxy s10 etc etc.