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How To Make a Century Egg

Today I show you how to make a Century Egg. Century eggs (also known as preserved egg & millennium egg) are a Chinese preserved food product and delicacy made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs. Don't be deceived by how they look - they are extremely delicious! Simply follow the step by step instructions. Enjoy!
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    • boss s

      boss s

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      that chicken is a fuck gangster

    • boss s

      boss s

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      Why you make that chicken

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      Editing is awesome

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      Ok Vsauce

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    Imagine How to basic went to master chef😂

  3. Jesus De Nazaret

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    1930: In 2020 we will have jetpacks 2020: 1:20

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    Sam White

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    Ahhh, ya got me

  5. Timon Thijs

    Timon Thijs

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    I love how this went from making century eggs to an epic action movie with barbie chicken shooting HTB back to a century egg in a bean can

  6. boss s

    boss s

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    That chicken is a gangster

  7. boss s

    boss s

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    That was sad

  8. boss s

    boss s

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    How did you make that chicken sit up

  9. boss s

    boss s

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    How do you make that chicken



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    I followed every step of this recipe and got the same results!

  11. King David

    King David

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    His true identity is Sid from toy story🤫

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    This is the best food channel

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    That’s so post be transparent

  15. _yj Heigi

    _yj Heigi

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    hello i’m korean umm.... your recipe is very good lolol and..... no comment

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  17. L.D.C Films

    L.D.C Films

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    Shit I forgot the eggs

  18. Anushka Karemore

    Anushka Karemore

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    Wow for 32 years? Nice..

  19. Anushka Karemore

    Anushka Karemore

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    That's the horror movie of 2020

  20. StarSong’s Spirit

    StarSong’s Spirit

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  21. Happy Gacha

    Happy Gacha

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    Leave for 32 years?! Oh man, I gotta get started now!

  22. galaxyplayz 2223

    galaxyplayz 2223

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    Do you eat the egg????

  23. Gulher _07

    Gulher _07

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    Guys,it really works!!!

  24. JustViperz


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    I love the graphics on the Grenade

  25. Adel John

    Adel John

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    0:54-0:56 Every girl when they queef

  26. Anid Bexheti

    Anid Bexheti

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    Everything normal until *CHICKEN BARBIE* shows up

  27. May Cab

    May Cab

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    0:50 Barbie Chicken

  28. Wisniak


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  29. Gabe Y

    Gabe Y

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    I’m surprised he didn’t kill the egg right Away lol

  30. Kharla C Mendoza

    Kharla C Mendoza

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    The Barbie chicken...I will have nightmares forever

  31. Princess Daisy

    Princess Daisy

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    1:21 Did anybody Notice that there was blood on the floor next to the counter to the left?

  32. Therkaye Eusebio

    Therkaye Eusebio

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    Wtf did i just watch your video gives me anxiety..

  33. Myke Laurence Matinez

    Myke Laurence Matinez

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    2:25 you freeze it for 32 years 😂👌👌

  34. Koshka Belka

    Koshka Belka

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    The best effect of grenade 🤣

  35. Sacrifice Gaming

    Sacrifice Gaming

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    Bro our thumb nails looks so bad you really need to fix it :)

  36. legendary gamer

    legendary gamer

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    I feel sorry for you because you have to clean up the messes you make every time

  37. Irfan Macho

    Irfan Macho

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    Oh no barbie is a chicken .

  38. Steven universe UwU 7u7

    Steven universe UwU 7u7

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    Que vergp

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    • uTek


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      My reaction

  40. Deadhorizon 680

    Deadhorizon 680

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    Imaging ringing up his items and scanning 50 dozen eggs and 14,00 plates

  41. lk k

    lk k

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    How to make a century egg: 1. Leave it out for a century

  42. Larma 42

    Larma 42

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    Your video scares me

  43. Massive1120


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    heres an easier way. get an egg timer and change the date to 2120

  44. Matt Fairbanks

    Matt Fairbanks

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    I tried this method and got completely different results. 1 star. Would not recommend.

  45. Riccardo Pinzauti

    Riccardo Pinzauti

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    Me when i see the chicken barbie... Omg she is back

  46. ninu sawita

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  47. The duck

    The duck

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    can you imagine cleaning this shit

  48. Mccoolfriend6


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    So this is how kfc makes its chicken

  49. GamingLion 18

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    It looks rotten ugh and anyways its too disgusting to eat

  50. begam fathima

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    Mental and pshyco video

  51. oof tron

    oof tron

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    Leave the egg in the fridge for a century and you're good

  52. Erick Morales

    Erick Morales

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    Fuck this stupid ass video

  53. giulia con animes y gamer

    giulia con animes y gamer

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    Me da demasiado asco pero es adictivo

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    I had to watch porn when my mother joined my room, it was more easy to explain.

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    : )

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    He was ahead of his time for humor

  57. Paweł Szymiec

    Paweł Szymiec

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    I love music in these movies and always a surprise what awaits me new. A weeping fish with a pacifier. Chicken with Barbie, super pomegranate, never ceases to surprise me what you can come up with new.

  58. Hiuax


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    What if someone thought this was a real tutorial and followed all the steps

  59. Logo Bomber

    Logo Bomber

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    Uhm isn't it easy? Just let an egg sit there for a century..

  60. Le Tuto Craft

    Le Tuto Craft

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    TNT Minecraft 1:41 😂😂