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We come across many people who aren't self-awared about road safety. Are they the same after the challans are revised?
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Cast: Raviteja Nannimala, KiranGangu, Sai, Chaitanya,Vinay Vemuri, BharathKalyan,Dinesh,
Written by PV Sai Somayajulu
Editing & DI : Sai Krishna Ganala
DOP : Dinesh Paruchuri
Publicity Designer: Durga Sai
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  1. Karunya Internet

    Karunya Internet

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  2. king45353


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    ravi nee face kosam aina chusta babai ee videos ni

  3. Surya Sumanth

    Surya Sumanth

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    Please follow traffic rules and be safe

  4. CK Yashodar

    CK Yashodar

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    Sir 100 ante fine 1000 ante no at all fine



    महीने पहले

    Video superb nd good message.

  6. Sreeganesh Candor

    Sreeganesh Candor

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    Chala bagundi 100rs fine 10000rs not fine

  7. Rajitha Aluka

    Rajitha Aluka

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    Bro Ravi bro super bro

  8. pilla prabhakara rao

    pilla prabhakara rao

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    Iam big fan of ravi taja and sobhan and sai also please realise the sotari brother 2 all are waiting And these video is also super

  9. pilla prabhakara rao

    pilla prabhakara rao

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    Sir The Sotari brothers and his sister please realise the eposide 2

  10. poleni mahesh

    poleni mahesh

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    Super shoban director🤣

  11. unknown facts kishore

    unknown facts kishore

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  12. Sudarsana Chilakala

    Sudarsana Chilakala

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    Hi Guys thanks for the video, making the traffic rules and educating the general population. Good.

  13. srinivas creations

    srinivas creations

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    😂😂Something is fishy🤣🤣

  14. Tadi Sandhya Reddy

    Tadi Sandhya Reddy

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    Nice concept

  15. Vijay Kittu

    Vijay Kittu

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    Ravi teja ne expressions iytay keka Bro...... Peaks anthay ........

  16. durgarao boddu

    durgarao boddu

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  17. ganesh chandra

    ganesh chandra

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    Great short film

  18. Sairaj Sawant

    Sairaj Sawant

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    Yeah English caption

  19. Gopi Krishna 800

    Gopi Krishna 800

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    Need help for poor children’s Please Support & Share Click: pmny.in/4IQmtzsaUw8g



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    Nice video sir

  21. chantisravs


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    Roads and traffic system...develop chesi.... fine vesthy.... we accept all fines and rules...

  22. pilla prabhakara rao

    pilla prabhakara rao

    2 महीने पहले

    When will sotari brothers 2 start Waiting..

  23. Anudharadha M

    Anudharadha M

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    Sotari bothers season 2 Eypudu😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Prahlad Kamsani

    Prahlad Kamsani

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    Moddalo video asal em navvostundhi Lavada gallu em tistunnaru

  25. Praveen J

    Praveen J

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    I support Huge Challans & Punishments...

  26. chaitanya krishna

    chaitanya krishna

    2 महीने पहले

    It's good to follow rules and be safe but at the same time roads also must be at that level to bear such rules heartfully. Rules are not meant to compel on public. Government also should follow some principles while applying rules.

  27. Dhanusri Laishetti

    Dhanusri Laishetti

    2 महीने पहले

    Helmet lekapothe rs1000 fine vese badhalu 500 tho police helmet konisthe andhariki vuntadhi ga ela okkati kadhu byke car ela vatiki sambandhinchina vatiki ela chesthe andhru set avutharu miru helmet lekapothe 1000 fine vesaru ok..... But miru fine vesaka vadu byke mida velthadu mi dhaggara nundi bayaludheragane axident r scrid ii padipothadu appudu who is the responsibility......... .. fuck the system

  28. Ramakrishna Babu

    Ramakrishna Babu

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    Nice video..



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  30. Media6


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    hilarious keep it up guys👌👌

  31. Jashu_ here

    Jashu_ here

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    Don't forget to subscribe @CAPDT

  32. Jeejula Akhil

    Jeejula Akhil

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    Bell kotina kani tang ani sound raledu andi m kadhu kada...😝😝😝😝

  33. MaNoJ ViHaRi

    MaNoJ ViHaRi

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    Superbbb......Anna camera paina eega valinattundi

  34. Ganga Raju

    Ganga Raju

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  36. john benjamin

    john benjamin

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    Indian government if you have guts First repair the roads

  37. harry harish

    harry harish

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  38. baala gandharvam

    baala gandharvam

    2 महीने पहले

    మీ వీడియో చూసాక దెబ్బకి వెంటనే RTO office కి వెళ్లి LLR తెచ్చుకున్నాను బాబూ.... 😞😞😞😞

  39. Fasak Facts

    Fasak Facts

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    వీడియో చూస్తూ కామెంట్స్ చదివేవాళ్ళు ఒక్క like వేసుకోండి ♥️

  40. Killer Fish

    Killer Fish

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    Hello @wirally Video lo antha baney undhi kani There are some scnes which is not quite good... First a fall ey traffic police ki kuda janalani reyy ani pilichey right ledhu They should call people as SIR Just as we call them. And ey traffic police ki kuda janalani kottey right kani abuse chesey right kani ledhu. I Hope atleast me next videos lo naina knchm janalaki respect isthunnatu chupistharu ani aasisthunna... Okavela meeru baita alagey unnaru andhukey natural ga untundi ani ala chupincham ani anukuntey mathram Your wrong...you should educate people that police must give respect to the public Anthey kani vallu em anna kuda alavatu cheskondi endhukantey andharu alagey unnaru ani anukuntey mathram evvaru emi cheyaleru.

  41. Kiran Kumar Reddy

    Kiran Kumar Reddy

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    Fine is more.... 😂😂😀

  42. Durga Prasad

    Durga Prasad

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  43. Abhi Abhista

    Abhi Abhista

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    Gud message

  44. srinivas akkumahanti

    srinivas akkumahanti

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    Anaa when sotaribrothers sesson2

  45. Srikanth Mukka

    Srikanth Mukka

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    ra raa pora endira by public ki respect ivandi

  46. Sunil Rebel

    Sunil Rebel

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    Super video bro

  47. Manish Mani

    Manish Mani

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    inplayer.info/show/aEZJQWxyZ1Y3NE0.html please subscribe to our channel Gallitalkz

  48. Mahesh Thirumareddy

    Mahesh Thirumareddy

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    Waiting for Sotari session 2

  49. Venky venkatesh vaddera 1432

    Venky venkatesh vaddera 1432

    2 महीने पहले

    Traffic rules patinchandi ala ayithe manam okkariki bayapadavalasina avasaram raadu

  50. Balu AB

    Balu AB

    2 महीने पहले

    Bro we want sotaribrothers

  51. Rishi Prasad

    Rishi Prasad

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    kiran is so boring and over rated

  52. Movie Tech Telugu

    Movie Tech Telugu

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    Give me 10000 to pay fine

  53. Rajesh Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar

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    nice video all the crew performed well

  54. sridhar goli

    sridhar goli

    2 महीने पहले

    It's really nice but Ela avvaraina thestharu rules patinchamani chepthunnaru bagundhi kani danikante mundhu roads bagunnaya leva Vati gurinchie kuda thesi appudu rules gurinchie cheppandi...

  55. L.RAVI jyothi

    L.RAVI jyothi

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  56. siddhik kumar siddhu

    siddhik kumar siddhu

    2 महीने पहले

    Rules to be followed no complaints about that and those fines But If you have guts take a video on 1. Potholes on roads 2. Deaths due to them 3. Manholes opening due to flooding by heavy rains 4. GHMC vehicles and it's opened method of carrying garbage at a speed of 60kmph 5. And most important thing How the fuck a convey goes at over speed ever thought about that ? Are these points enough to make a video of required length ??? And prove your guts dudes

  57. Surya Prince

    Surya Prince

    2 महीने पहले

    Traffic rules Nachakapothe Vehicles konakandi, lekapothe RTC Bus lo vellandi anthe kani Show dengithe gudha pagala dengutham

  58. Mahesh Reddy

    Mahesh Reddy

    2 महीने पहले

    good . Few students are doing driving very rude on the roads.Good for their family people if he fallow the rules.

  59. Kong's vinod Vinod

    Kong's vinod Vinod

    2 महीने पहले

    Alanti rools pettemundhu roads bagundali.........dhesanni bagucheyaru kani chalanlatho midile class vallani dhobutharu.......🤔🙄 Edit: Helmet vadandi plzzz...mikosam intidhagara meevallu edhuruchusthuntaru marchipokandi.....😊😊

  60. Srinivas Latha

    Srinivas Latha

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    Sir fine kuda EMI lo kadatha sir very funny 😂😂😂