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Mi A3 Android One Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

Mi A3 Unboxing & Overview including camera samples the Mi A3 is having a 6.08" SAMOLED HD+ screen is powered by Snapdragon 665 SOC comes with 4/6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB storage has a triple rear camera 48MP main sensor and wide angle camera and a 32MP front facing camera.
Mi A3 was launched at Rs 12,999 for the 4GB RAM variant and Rs 15,999 for the 6GB RAM variant that comes with 128GB storage and is sold in India via amzn.to/2NrXsLD


  1. Geekyranjit


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    My Mi A3 Review with it's Pros & Cons inplayer.info/show/WTBYYjUwRnRaSkE.html

    • jack francis

      jack francis

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      Got it for 14.5 the 6 GB variant..... hoping it would be good

    • worldismine


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      If anyone like to use earfone, listen some music or songs this fone is not for them personal experience.

    • worldismine


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      Hi ranjit the earfone experience is very bad, very low sound in skull candy, infact its good sound quality in mi 6 pro.

  2. Mukesh Nath Goswami

    Mukesh Nath Goswami

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    If this phone had a back mounted fingerprint scanner (which is faster) and a bit slimmer (7.9-8 mm may be my cutting a bit of battery capacity 3500-3700 would have been enough) then it would have been a prefect device

  3. comedy Master India

    comedy Master India

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    mi A3 mi app उपलब्ध है mi A3

  4. Jatzuyu


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    Should I move to this I just found out it existed and I'm still stuck on my MI a2

  5. Sachin Balan

    Sachin Balan

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    I'm writing again sir. OS update on Mi A3 is ridiculously disappointing. Now Nokia 6.1 gets android 10 update. I'm very disappointed by Xiaomi's 3rd standard behaviour towards Android One OS update.

  6. Bhavesh Jaswani

    Bhavesh Jaswani

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    Can we have unboxing and review video of redmi note 8

  7. kelvin shaji

    kelvin shaji

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    Ranjith note 7 pro mi a3 which one is good

  8. Rahul Kumar Saha

    Rahul Kumar Saha

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    which is best between Xiaomi Mi A3 and Samsung Galaxy M30 4gb RAM variant? gaming,camera,call quality,

  9. Ajith kumar

    Ajith kumar

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    bought mi A3 today it is superb mobile, loved using it📱

  10. Chandru R chikkol

    Chandru R chikkol

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    Make a unboxing and full review of Redmi note 8 pro and note 8

  11. manish rajak

    manish rajak

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    Charger kitne watt ka h

  12. Swagatam Debnath

    Swagatam Debnath

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    This phone is a market strategy...when u have a single model, ppl will widen their comparison levels. Bt when u have two/three variations, the comparison level reduces ( if not for all, then for someone, bt this does happen ), and so indirectly it lets ppl get stuck in the company's ecosystem. This mobile was just to increase the sale of redmi note 7 nd other xiaomi mobiles, higher in price than this.

  13. Dilip Jilakara

    Dilip Jilakara

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    Ok riyali

  14. Sarthak Talukdar

    Sarthak Talukdar

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    Who got the realme ad before this video?

  15. Gold Digger

    Gold Digger

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    Are yar hindi bol apni language bolne kya problem hai

  16. nazeem ummerkutty

    nazeem ummerkutty

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    Good one Sir! Appreciate your efforts lot of respect and i am very much interested in how you are uprgading your tech info and explaining the tech side!

  17. Sri 25273

    Sri 25273

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    4.44 telugu news...WoW

  18. Rishabh Raj

    Rishabh Raj

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  19. Aaryan Mundakkal

    Aaryan Mundakkal

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    Redmi note 7 pro or mi a3?

  20. Anil Vyas

    Anil Vyas

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    my MI A3 face lock and brightness problem and add INplayer video problem

  21. Vikas Dolly

    Vikas Dolly

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    Mi a3 Best or Realme 5 pro best

  22. LiVe LeAk

    LiVe LeAk

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    How to check ram in mi a3

  23. Ambarish murali

    Ambarish murali

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    does it tap to wake

  24. Akshay Gupta

    Akshay Gupta

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    Does it have the usual navigation bar? 😅

  25. v kumar

    v kumar

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    Does it support 5G?

  26. Petrified Potato

    Petrified Potato

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    is it drm security level l1? (supports hd streaming on Netflix, prime video etc)

  27. Ashif Bhasha

    Ashif Bhasha

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    Who all noticed Honor band 5 in his hand...

  28. Rutul Patel

    Rutul Patel

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    your technical aspects are really good but honestly, you really have to work on the presentation of the video. this background is very light and you should hire some video artist.

  29. Shivanshu Shreyas

    Shivanshu Shreyas

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    Android ONE ka baap-NOKIA

  30. Mohammad Jaheer Shaik

    Mohammad Jaheer Shaik

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    My budget is under 15000 which mobile i have buy ? Plz suggest a mobile

  31. Prsanna V

    Prsanna V

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    Where I bought new fast charger fo MI A3?

  32. Vishwa Bharti

    Vishwa Bharti

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    Sir your reviews are the best. I'm waiting for the Mi A3 full review after 7-8 days usage by you. Please make it ASAP.

  33. Rakesh Sharma

    Rakesh Sharma

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    Pros and cons video

  34. pravith vinod

    pravith vinod

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    @Ranjith In that 128gb how much memory 'll b available for the users

  35. satyamd16


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    Does it support dual VoLTE?

  36. Kumar Rahul

    Kumar Rahul

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    Con : hd(--)= (+)display

  37. swapnil kankute

    swapnil kankute

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    No one: Ranjit: hech d

  38. abhishek paul

    abhishek paul

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    please make a comparison video between Mi A3 & Realme 5 pro

  39. darshan vabhona

    darshan vabhona

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    I already purchased this ...but hd + display I don't like

  40. Ishant Enu

    Ishant Enu

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    Sir please drop its gaming review, camera review & Overall Pros. & Cons.

  41. Anshul Singh

    Anshul Singh

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    Im watching this video on my mi A3 Anyone else 😉?

    • Rahul Solanki

      Rahul Solanki

      5 महीने पहले

      how's the Display and which config u are using 4gb/6gb

  42. Rakesh Roy

    Rakesh Roy

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    Can we record incoming calls in this mobile

  43. Sahil Gaikwad

    Sahil Gaikwad

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    Will it be good if i buy honor view 20 now?? A good rear camera is priority and lil bit of gaming....if not plz suggest me a phone which has a good rear camera budget is around 25k-30k plz take this question and suggest me

  44. Kunjimuhammed Chundakkadan

    Kunjimuhammed Chundakkadan

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    Sir please put the final update of asus zenfone max pro m1.. please sir.. please do a vedio

  45. mitra sadas

    mitra sadas

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    I don't understand why they have reduced the resolution and i really doubt how a 4k video could be played in 720p resolution..if so, then why they have given 4k recording

  46. yashusamsher


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    Iam noticing more bugs in color os

  47. R.P. Singha Roy

    R.P. Singha Roy

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    please compare with moto one action & that should be very helpfull for more people including me

  48. Palak Shah

    Palak Shah

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    Hello Sir, Which one is best realme 5 pro or Mi A3?

  49. hrishikesh dutta

    hrishikesh dutta

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    Sir, please make a video on pros and cons after 7-10 days of use

  50. Beyond Boundaries

    Beyond Boundaries

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    Can You compare between Mi A3 and Realme 5 Pro and say your opinion on buying which one....

  51. Chethan Kumar K S

    Chethan Kumar K S

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    Mi A3 ad in Mi A3 review Video😄😄😄

  52. Simpleton


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    A Mi phone without Ads ? That's a winner!

  53. Random Studio

    Random Studio

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    Again realme 5 series going to crush Mi😂😂😂

  54. Abhishek Dawn

    Abhishek Dawn

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    Review please. Today is the sale and waiting to hear from you. PLEASE!!!!

  55. paresh parmar

    paresh parmar

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    Does it have loss-less zoom?

  56. Himanshu saxena

    Himanshu saxena

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    Sab to ek jaise dikhte hain 😀

  57. Aurobindo Sardar

    Aurobindo Sardar

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    Multiple Users Settings, IR Blaster, Amoled, InDisplay fingerprint are some of the unique features of MI A3 at this price point.

  58. Best movie Clips

    Best movie Clips

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    A1 phone best tha. A2 or A3 m mza nhi aaya. Is se achha toh Realmi 5 pro h.

  59. crazy gadgets

    crazy gadgets

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    Please do battery review

  60. syed mustafa

    syed mustafa

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    "AS u can see" is ranjit's favourite phrase.