7:00 AM - The Hindu Editorial Analysis by Vishal Sir | 21 Aug 2019 | Bank, SSC, UPSC & State PSC

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  1. sneha ingole

    sneha ingole

    22 दिन पहले

    Thanks u sir

  2. Shalu Sharma

    Shalu Sharma

    23 दिन पहले


  3. Ayush Maan

    Ayush Maan

    27 दिन पहले

    On Independence day, our prime minister Narendra Modi announced the creation of a new post of Chief of defence staff for the establishment of better understanding between Military and ministry of defence .However implementation is the key. If it establishes without any obstruction it will definitely strengthen the relations between Army wings .It's a greatest step to make India's defence stronger by establishing a mutual under between Army and Air Force.... But the government should abandon the following facts which could affect it adversely.... The foremost point is that it should not go with seniority rule and instead consider a deep selection from the current pool of flag officers. The government should take decision wisely it should not appoint a former service chief as the CDS The government should focus thoroughly on the power and capacity of IDS which will serve as a secretariat of CDS. At last It should look after the inter-se-relation between Military and ministry of defence. we need to focus on Capacity, Decision making power, responsibility. This government has an opportunity to bring revolution in defence management.... thank you....



    27 दिन पहले

    Nice sir

  5. Satendra Yadavjee

    Satendra Yadavjee

    28 दिन पहले

    An investment in knowlege pays ..lots of love Guru jiii

  6. Satendra Yadavjee

    Satendra Yadavjee

    28 दिन पहले

    An investment in see ur behaviours..love love detailed discussion...Isi....

  7. Rahul shakya

    Rahul shakya

    28 दिन पहले

    sir ...., tangle ka meaning to suljha hua hota h..... den yaha par .....DISENTANGLE m tangle k sath "dis" use kiya h .....to negetive use hona chahiye na.......

  8. Ritika Chowdhury

    Ritika Chowdhury

    28 दिन पहले

    The post of CDS is genuinely very right step taken by the Government. From some days situation is going on unpredictable, so Govt needs to be careful at every point whether in defence Or any sector. CDS post is important because coordination as well as unity play very big role to win any battle as both Indian Army and Indian airforce is the strength of our country.. So to work more perfectly for the whole country whenever required and to build good relationship between them this is the best decision took place. Overall it will give positive result to the Defense Department.

  9. Deepak Sharma

    Deepak Sharma

    28 दिन पहले

    sir sentence k saath krao

  10. payal parmar

    payal parmar

    28 दिन पहले

    Hoarse: She shouted herself hoarse,but still no one came . Portend: I portend to her if she will continuously do this type of things ,she can’t achieve her path. Anomaly: Can anyone explain this embarrassing anomaly? Rhetoric: The leader speech was mostly rhetoric.

  11. ankit sharma

    ankit sharma

    28 दिन पहले

    Sir jo bache naye hai Aur aap kuch article ko homework de dete ho , vo bache Kya kare ??

  12. Mahesh Yadav

    Mahesh Yadav

    28 दिन पहले

    Prime minister Narander Modi made an announcement of a new defence post CDS( chief of defence staffs) . It is a really appreciable decisins took by tha government. It work's like a mandate between tha forces. The kargil analysis committee strongly recommended the need of a CDS post. There were too many problems come to face with our defence staffs, because of lake of proper communication between army and air force.. But by having this post these type of problems can be solved... But I think to take any poltical leader of the post of CDS is not a great decision. Because the person who will be the CDS officer should have all ground level knowledge of war,he must have the knowledge of any critical situation what to do and how to do... So, from my point of view the person should b have both ( army and air force) knowledge.only when he can be take a great decision... Thank you.....Jai Hind Jai Bharat..

  13. Kiran Gupta

    Kiran Gupta

    28 दिन पहले

    Bank SO preparation

  14. sadhna prajapati

    sadhna prajapati

    28 दिन पहले


  15. Diptimayee Sethy

    Diptimayee Sethy

    28 दिन पहले


  16. priyanka kumari

    priyanka kumari

    28 दिन पहले

    Rhetoric(noun)=After seeing my rhetoric way of speaking and writing my teachers said one day I wil become a great politician. Sentiment(noun)=My relatives never understand my sentiment. Reiterate(verb)=Vishal sir always reiterate to read newspaper for build english understanding rather than learning grammer rules. Radicalism(noun)=The radicalism was done by Narendra Modi was appreciable. Isolationist(noun)=The country pursued an isolationist policy. Disentangle (verb)=Nimmi disentangle Anjali from her bad condition. Desperation(noun)=Sonali very clearly see the Desperation of Minu due to the continuous failure. Peddle (verb)=The parents should peddle the new ideas of the child. Parity (noun)=For the proper development of our society there must be a parity between men and women. Reinforce (verb)=Houses are reinforced with the help of pillars. Middling (noun)=Hie is rich but he act as middling in any issues in his college. Inimitable(adj)=The lifestyle of Akshay kumar is inimitable. Quixotic(noun)=Quixotic behavior of people force him to stay in dreams world. Aversion (noun)=The aversion of Mr Khan seen clearly after the abolition of article 370 and 5A. Assuage(verb)=To assuage her husband she cooked a food which he liked. Anomaly(noun)=There are a number of anomalies in the present system. Thank you sir......................................

  17. aarav bhardwaj

    aarav bhardwaj

    28 दिन पहले

    On Independence Day ,in his inimitable style PM Modi announced the creation of the post of CDS(Chief Of Defence Staff)to maintain a coordination among Army ,Navy and Air Force of India and not to reiterate the mistakes which were done in the phases of Kargil war and Balakot in the past . Currently there are no further details of the powers of CDS.But a committee is established comprising the Defense Secretary ,Chief of Integrated Defense Staff and other officers.and it should be headed by a political leader/rank outsider who has no skin in the game. India is perhaps the only large military wherein the service chiefs retain both operational and staff functions.The best approach is to focus squarely on the powers and capacity of IDS(Integrated Defence staff )which will serve as the secretariat to CDS. One of the most awaited decision is to appoint the first CDS and the government need not to go with the seniority rule and should instead consider a deep selection .from current pool of officers but not necessary for a former service chief . An important aspect of any reorganisation is that it should look at the inter se relations between the military and the ministry of defence.This needs to focus on capacity ,expertise,decision making powers and aligning responsibility and accountability .

  18. Mannatriya Khandelwal

    Mannatriya Khandelwal

    28 दिन पहले

    the prime minister announced the post of chief defence staff for coliation between army force and air force . of course the C D S post can lead transformation of the defence forces or it could sink middling mandate .according to us this step should have done it earlier but let it be..now the high time coliation or codination are major point of developed economy ... this steps may be developed our nation or economy. now our prime minister doing well job just like removed article 370 and 35 A for the betterment or growth of kashmire people's .now this decision also very helpful for our security purpose etc..hope so person who appoint this chief defence post have a good decision making power or capacity to do a work properly and honesty . jai hind jai bharat

  19. aarav bhardwaj

    aarav bhardwaj

    28 दिन पहले

    Rhetoric =Across the world ,mostly people get attracted by PM Modi 's rhetoric way . Sentiment = The best way of leaders to share their sentiment to people is through speeches . Reiterate =Pakistan usually reiterates its hold over Kashmir . Radicalism = People shown their radicalism in favour of Modi by making him again PM of India with majority votes. Isolationist= Only Donald Trump came forward as an isolationist to sort out the matter between India and Pakistan . Disentangle = Teachers are always ready to disentangle every problem of students . Desperation= After the series of failure, scholar usually gets in a state of desperation. Peddle=Across India Modi peddled his scheme of Make in India . Sway = We should not get swayed from the negativities around us . Parity =For the development of any economy there should be a parity among males and females. Reinforce= The major reason behind the abrogation of Article 370 was to reinforce Jammu and Kashmir's economy . Middling =Noone wants to be a middling between India and Pakistan except Donald Trump . Inimitable =The beauty of Taj mahal is inimitable. Quixotic= Quixotic people always stay away from practicality . Aversion= Imran khan shown his aversion after the abrogation of Article 370 . Anomaly=To be a successful candidate ,we should not follow the path of anomaly . Assuage =A pragmatic person always tries to assuage any serious matter .

  20. Amit Maurya

    Amit Maurya

    28 दिन पहले

    Sir mai college student hun aur aap ka editorial dekhne lga hoon... I like your detailed discussion of editorial...

  21. Saloni Kumari

    Saloni Kumari

    28 दिन पहले

    On independence day, our prime minister Narendra modi announced a new post that is chief of defence (CDS), in his inimitable style. It is going to proof a big step in indian defence. This post is recommended by the kargil review committee in 2001, but this step could not be taken. The credit goes to the prime minister for including this post in defence. The CDS will head all the three wings of defence that is army , nevy and air force. According to me CDS can lead a transformation of the defence forces. Our govt must choose the right person for this post who will take right decision for security of our country. All the three wings can work properly and jointly, because there will be a person who guide them for better coordination. I hope that the situation we had seen at the time of kargil war , never be repeated. We know that in the kargil war there was a lack of co ordination among the three wings of defence so they could not take the right decision . They were confused that which force should be used first. There are many misconceptions and ambiguous situation we had seen in kargil war, but now the govt has taken this step to form a head of Defence. This will strenghten our defence sector. It will create a deterrence among all the countries.we all are waiting for our 1st CDS. It will going to prove rhe best decision of our govt.

  22. Dharmendra Negi

    Dharmendra Negi

    28 दिन पहले

    RRB PO sir.

  23. Lekha Jonjare

    Lekha Jonjare

    28 दिन पहले

    1....Thank you sir 😃😃

  24. Tejas Gawas

    Tejas Gawas

    28 दिन पहले

    Intro - on the 73 rd independence day of our country our PM Narendra modi anounced there would be a committe called CDS i.e chief of defence staff .which would basically lead with a interlinking between the 3 defence forces of INDIA. Body - so to make the CDS a efficient interlinking body certain points have to be considered . 1. The CDS should contain people from diverse backgrounds such as some from political domain and also from the various defence bodies . 2. The head of the CDS from a political domain can creat more tranparency . 3.The body if given its own freedom to act and take dissision on which the govt must act as an supervisor can lead to a good transformation in our defence a services . 4. So the CDS can also lead as an good cooperator between the 3 forces as during any war or any calamities such as the floods situations that are seen nowadays in 12 states of INDIA the CDS can prove very helpfull in eenriching the rescue process Conclusion- so the CDS can prove as an good type of linkage between the defence forces but its implementation and working of it must be very transparent and healty system In views of Dr .ambedkar thus we can say that "constitution is good but its implementation dependends upon the people who exicuite on it . Please give your opnion on the answer written by me .

  25. Gulnaz Parveen

    Gulnaz Parveen

    28 दिन पहले

    International issue.... #🏦/CDs post...... Vocabulary 🏦👉 N/rhetoric=our words should be rhetoric in speech and conversation. N/sentiment= mr donald trump put their sentiment in front of indian government . V/Reiterate=mr modi reiterate his speech in the loksabha in front of vice president. N/radicalism=in a defence CDs post will be work on the basis of radicalism . N/isolationist=my back bencher students are isolationist from teachers. V/disentangle=mr narendra modi disentangle the coordination between two forces. N/disperation=US Prime Minister Donald Trump gets disperaation for the troop of afganistan. V/peddle=we should peddle the good idea and initiative. V/sway=The sway of CDs post in defence will be hopefully great. N/parity=parity must be given to all caste of citizen. V/reinforce=the CDs post will be lot help to reinforce of three army. Adj/inimitable=nobody can inimitable your dancing style. Adj/quixotic=it is quixotic about CDs post that will be radically work for armies. N/middling=donald trump wants to middling between india and Pakistan. N/aversion=some students are aversion from their study in this class. V/assuage=my father assuage the crowd in the morning. N/anomaly=pakistan is anomaly from india. Thanku 🤗🤗

  26. Ashok mohapatra

    Ashok mohapatra

    28 दिन पहले

    Rhetoric - the pm Narendra Modi language is Rhetoric in our country. Sentiment - in debate many political leader are sentiment on this time. Reiterate - in my drill class our master reiterate in our field. Radicalism - many students are radicalism in our country. Isolationist - the us President are isolationist to Indian Constitution. Disentangle - in my childhood career I am not disentangle in my grandfather house. Desperation - many times I feel desperation on my compitative prepositions. Peddle - many industrialist are peddle to weaker developed country. Sway - my college hostel superintendent are sway bad activities . Parity - in Kerala state parity are doing long term basis. Reinforce - Indian army reinforce to strong the military power in world. Middling - many students are middling on front of the teacher. Inimitable - WiFi study is the inimitable digital study in India. Quixotic - many engineering college are quixotic study are there. Aversion - after breakup boyfriend and girlfriend aversion on long time. Anomaly - JIO is anomaly in the digital market . Assuage - USA president are assuage on Pakistan pm imran khan That's all about me.

  27. ragini chaudhary

    ragini chaudhary

    28 दिन पहले

    Sir apki class bhut useful h my first days

  28. Swati Kumari

    Swati Kumari

    28 दिन पहले

    The creation of CDS will eventually lead to the formation of tri service command intened to create verticle integration of the three forces.where the creation of CDS will lead to creation of integrated threate command is too early predict.during the kargile conflict if india had a CDS it would not have suffered so many casualties in the intial stegs as the indian air force took time.the announcement of the institution of cds by prime minister modi has been made keeping view of the much needed reforms to streamlined and futher improve the coordination among three force and their function .CDS will have a long lasting and positive impact on Indian security. Thank u.

  29. Apoorva Saxena

    Apoorva Saxena

    28 दिन पहले

    As a new post is there for CDS ..the biggest question arising as of now is whom to post .The decision should be taken very wisely as this person is going to handle the coordination of army and air force during any kind of strike or war.And yes I do believe that a person should be posted based on his caliber and strictly not on the basis of caste or seniority.During the war times there has been many situations where thier coordination is lacked.Choosing a right person will certainly be beneficial and vice vera.

  30. Gulnaz Parveen

    Gulnaz Parveen

    28 दिन पहले

    Nyc session sr 🤗 yes sr lat lag gyi really i m watching ur session for two month

  31. Ashish Pundir

    Ashish Pundir

    28 दिन पहले

    The post Chief of Defence Staff(CDS) announced by PM is about to take Indian Army, Navy and air force at one platform to perform together against any problem whether it is internal or external without being in state of confusion that who is gonna do that job!. As the name and work indicating the big responsibilities of CDS post and also the challenges waiting to it. The idea of CDS has been waiting for a long time to take step and now the time came. First of all Govt. needs to identify who is gonna take the position so that all our armed forces take positively towards the decision of CDS. Govt. should make sure that whether it wants CDS to improve the coordination among the forces or it just remain as mediator under the influence of political and internal factors. The post should be given to that person who should not given more consideration to any particular force, he should be capable of taking decision considering all the points of all the forces. In my opinion he/she should not be from any force , he must be the person of higher educational and technical abilities and should know how to deal problems internationally. He should be given proper powers and also accessibility of direct talking to the defence, home ministry and also to the PM if needed. As mentioned in article there were situations in which the armed forces were not able to coordinate among them and that cost us more than expected, sometimes internal conflicts affect, area of work, etc. so there should be a person in power who knows about problems and he can find solution as soon as possible and take all the forces together. If there is political inclusion, then I think this post will mere act as a mediator among the forces and not more and this condition wil not improve anything as it could not change anything.

  32. Bharti Gautam

    Bharti Gautam

    28 दिन पहले

    1. Rhetoric भाषण कला 2. Sentiment विचार 3. Reiterate दोहराना say something again or a no. Of times, typically for emphasis or clarity 4. Radicalism noi the beliefs or action of people who advocate thorough or complete political or social reform मूल सिद्धांत 5. Isolationist noun a person favouring a policy of remaining apart from the affairs or interests 6. Disentangle verb सुलझाना 7. Desperation noun a state of despair, typically one which results in rash or extreme behavior, hopessness निराशा 8. Peddle verb promote persistently or widely 9. Sway verb प्रभाव 10. Parity noun समानता 11. Reinforce verb strengthen or support especially with additional material 12. Middling noi fairly or moderately 13. Inimitable adj so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy, unique अंअनुकरणीय 14. Quixotic adj कल्पना युक्त 15. Aversion noun a strong dislike or disinclination 16. Anomaly nou असंगति 17. Assuage verb make an unpleasant feeling less intense शांत करना

  33. Jyoti Kumari

    Jyoti Kumari

    28 दिन पहले

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi address the new post of CDS of India to reinforce the relation between the forces of India mainly army and navy . This will bring the transformation in the future according to my views 1st tym - Don't judge



    28 दिन पहले

    Nice sir

  35. babita kashyap

    babita kashyap

    28 दिन पहले

    Thank you so much sir for the great session. Pls provide the one year vocab as you said!!

  36. Swara D

    Swara D

    28 दिन पहले

    Sir IBPS po ki INplayer class kB start hogi?

  37. Sneha Singh

    Sneha Singh

    28 दिन पहले


  38. swsti kumari

    swsti kumari

    28 दिन पहले

    Sentences Rhetoric- Most of the Indian leaders are skilled in rhetoric. Sentiment- We have right to express our sentiments over public issues. Reiterate- My teacher reiterates that sentence that we can't understand. Radicalism- There is the need of radicalism in our polity. Isolationist- Modi has confined isolationists in Kashmir. Disentangle- The peole of Kashmir has disentangled after abolition of Article 35A. Desperation- I was become the victim of desperation when i failed in examination. Peddle- Our present government is peddling digitalisation in India. Sway- Our former foreign minister Sushma Swaraj has a swaying charateristic. Parity- Even there is no parity between male and female in India. Reinforce- The government is reinforcing our defence system. Middling- The president of America Teumph wants to middling between India and Pakistan. Inimitable- Sachin Tendulkar has inimitable contribution in Indian Cricket. Quixotic- Time machine is a quixotic matter. Aversion- There is a great averaion between India and Pakistan. Anomaly- Sometimes we have to take anomaly steps in favour of our country. Assuage- Donald Trumph wants to assuage the tensions between India and Pakistan.

  39. Inder Kumar

    Inder Kumar

    28 दिन पहले

    Prime minister narendra modi on independence day announced the creation of CDS ( chief of defence staff) post. Which will act as a mediator between the indian army and indian air force. As we know in the past pulwama attack leads to confusion amoung the two forces in deciding what type of counter attack strategy to be used . Due to which kargil committee recommended the creation of CDS post. This step sure will reinforced india .

  40. Karamjeet Kaur

    Karamjeet Kaur

    28 दिन पहले

    Today vocab 1 Sentiment(Noun) A view, opinion 2 Disentangle(verb) Free 3 Desperation(Noun) Hopelessness 4 Paddle(verb) Promote 5 Sway(verb) Control, influence 6 Quixotic(adjective) Unrealistic 7 Radicalism(Noun) Reformation, revision 8 Dismissive(adjective) Negative, unenthusiastic 9 Cherished(verb) Protect 10 Middling(adjective) Average, normal 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank u sir God bless u

  41. Divya Jhala

    Divya Jhala

    28 दिन पहले


  42. laxmipriya sahoo

    laxmipriya sahoo

    28 दिन पहले

    1- Rhetoric speech is essential for every politician towards his or her carrer 2-everyone should be respect one's sentiment 3-Individual should not reiterate his mistake 4-Radicalism is the most important evidence on any case 5-Jk has disentagled from special status by India 6-Despration brings nothing , so wake up and go ahead 7- All actors peddling their movie on every platform 8-what is the sway on Pakistan after revoke art 370 and 35A 9-parity is play an important role on the selection for job 10-you should be reinforced your family on the difficult situation 11-Us is middling between India and Pakistan matter 12-Everyone must be inimita his ideal person 13-I really aversion on his bad behavior 14-Indian people gradually anomaly from Indian culture 15-aAfter a critical condition , our elder assuage to us

  43. vijayakumar gaddi

    vijayakumar gaddi

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  44. Babita Kumari

    Babita Kumari

    28 दिन पहले

    The radicalism of peace should be Rhetoricaly Reiterate. Though this Sway of Desperation and Anomaly decrease. This environment is easy for Disentangle and Assuage of any squabble. This situation is like a Quixotic. Everyone would like to Peddle this Inimitable Sentiment. Thank you.................

  45. Pooja Aggarwal

    Pooja Aggarwal

    28 दिन पहले

    On independence day the inimitable Pime minister announced a new CDS post. This post keep the balance among all three forces act as a catalyst to take decision and esure more cordination.The main question arise here that what is the selection procedure to select The Cheif of defence staff 1) Prime minister modi should examine all the consequences like he always do.2) their must be " deep selection" procedure and it must not be seniority base selection..this post should be assign on the bases of someone capability, enthusiasm and its post should be given some politician or to the person who take nutral decision whose decision not be baised. In my view the post of CDS transform the defence forces and it also accelerate the performance of defence in all aspects this decision strengthen the enthusiasm among people and establish coordination a commendable step taken by the government... Thanku

  46. Madam AKS

    Madam AKS

    28 दिन पहले

    Rhetoric - it is often seen that politicians use rhetoric in their speeches especially during the time of elections to get more votes. Sentiment- This movie expresses my sentiments. Radicalism- Politics goes hand in hand with radicalism. Isolationist- The politicians need to become isolationists in order to work for the betterment of their own country. Disentangle- In order to become successful we need to disentangle ourselves from all kinds of distractions. Desperation- In desperation, she left her country. Peddle- I peddled my idea to my teachers. Sway- Conservative families keep girls under their sway. Parity- in order to ensure gender parity we need to do away with our parochial mindset. Reinforce- Vishal sir's videos reinforce my preparations for competitive exams. Middling- The movie 'Piku' enjoyed middling success. Inimitable- Our Prime Minister is famous for his inimitable speeches, ideas, and schemes. Quixotic- It is quite quixotic to think that a human being can survive without sleeping. Aversion- I've always had an aversion to people who have morbid mentalities. Anomaly- It will be an anomaly to think that Akbar the great used a mobile phone. Assuage- Buying a pet for yourself will assuage your depression.

  47. kunal dhariwal

    kunal dhariwal

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  48. sakshi chaurasia

    sakshi chaurasia

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  49. Madam AKS

    Madam AKS

    28 दिन पहले

    *This is my first answer* The need of the addition of the post of CDS seems inevitable if we look at India's military history. The Kargil War Committee in 2000 first suggested for this post due to the squabbles which occured during the Kargil war. Unless and until there will be any directing or managing authority above the three wings of Indian Army such squabbles are bound to take place even in the future. The CDS will hence provide effective leadership at the top level and help in improving coordination among the armed forces. Moreover, it will also be successful in transforming the defence structure of India by regulating and controlling it's actions and decisions, provided that the CDS is not biased and is impartial so that there is no scope of favouritism. Unless and until India's military is not able to stop the tensions amongst the inside forces, it will never be able to conquer the outsiders. Therefore, the Chief of Defence Staff is expected to maintain the unity amongst the three wings which will help in making India strong from within and even stronger in front of the outside forces.

  50. Vibha Kumari

    Vibha Kumari

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    it could sink with a middling mandate....... What is its meaning??? Please explain

  51. vidhya sohu

    vidhya sohu

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    aversion of government against terrorism is a strong step. govt policy can assuage the riot against religion related war.

  52. Parmanand Bharti

    Parmanand Bharti

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    This move is very important for our nations

  53. Somya Singh

    Somya Singh

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    Tiss net

  54. Jyoti Bora

    Jyoti Bora

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    🏵️ rhetoric - vishal sir teach us in a rhetoric way. 🏵️ Sentiment- we should not have bad sentiments for enyone else. 🏵️ Reiterate- you don't need to reiterate your words , if you know that you are right. 🏵️ Radicalism-Patriotism is the prime minister's radicalism. 🏵️ Disentangle-our prime minister always try to disentangle the India and pakistan's fight. 🏵️ Desperation- at the time of pulwama attack in india, there is an atmosphere of desperation. 🏵️sway- just look at the sway of Mr. Narendra Modi in india. 🏵️parity- in india there is a parity between the salary of woman and man . 🏵️Quixotic-now a days to getting a job without hard work is like quixotic. 🏵️Averse- we should averse the wrong decisions of government. 🏵️ Assuage-Nothing can assuage the pain of speration.

  55. you are a real hero wifi team vikas rathore

    you are a real hero wifi team vikas rathore

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    mujhe lat lag gayi

  56. Somya Singh

    Somya Singh

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  57. Jasodha Santuka 22

    Jasodha Santuka 22

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  58. Sayra Bano

    Sayra Bano

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    For removing 370 article in Kashmir is a radicalism to its poor generation who live there and not growing with the state of poverty. Whenever i play football and my brother come to me and tear out that football, my mother always come to disentangle our violent matter. tell me friends these sentencs are right or wrong.....?

  59. Swarlata Verma

    Swarlata Verma

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    Introducing new post of CDS on 73rd Independence Day, our pious PM MODI ji had taken an important step to strengthen our defence sector . CDS is a post under which our whole Forces will work. As we know that the post will bridge the understanding​ and mutual gap among the three wings of our defence system. So, the govt should be very cautious through the process of recruitment. The person who will be elected for this Post should have the capability remove difference and resolve the dispute among the three life line of our country. He or she should have the decision making capability and should take prompt actions or measures as required without any discordance. According to me the PM has taken a good decision that the 'implementation committee' should be headed by the Defence Secretary and equivalent persons belonging to the same background. As these persons are well aware with possible situation s and good experience holder. They can take prompt and desirable action to soothe the situation as it demands. In contrast no political person would have these experiences or knowledge about these type of situations. no negative impact can be forcast unless the person misuse or does not perform responsibility honestly.. So we should keep faith on our government and Hope that the recruitment for the post of CDS would be taken with great care.

  60. sonu shiv

    sonu shiv

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    The government of India decided a new rank in Defence Officer, CDS. This announcement made by PM Narendra Modi on the Independence Day. Many of us are still thinking that creation of new post will help to clear the chaos between Indian Army and Airforce. While other's sentiment are CDS will only be a post in the prescribed mandate. Also some are doubtful that CDS will work as expected? Moreover,we Should believe our government ,if the government decided something based on records that is going to help our country . Jai Hind ,Jai Bharat..!!!