God’s Own Country!! SOUTH INDIAN SEAFOOD on Houseboat | Backwaters - Kerala, India!

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Alappuzha (also known as Alleppey), India - The Backwaters of Kerala are one of the biggest draws to Kerala, and before going, I had no idea why. After visiting, I now know that the Backwaters are one of the reasons why Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country.”
After arriving in Alappuzha (Alleppey), we headed straight to the house-boat, a luxurious floating house-boat on the Kerala backwaters. The boat was beautiful with four full bedrooms, a full upper deck with dining room and viewing platform, and most importantly, a huge kitchen with private chefs to cook us an Indian seafood Kerala meal of your dreams! #IndianFood #Kerala #Backwaters
Ebbin had arranged for a huge seafood meal on the boat. As soon as we started sailing on the Backwaters, the amazing chefs started cooking. There were over a dozen different dishes, seafood extravaganza. The meal was absolutely incredible, and the scenery of the water, lakes, rivers, and lagoons, were spectacular.
For the rest of the afternoon, we relaxed around the boat, and eventually docked for the evening in a small village. For dinner we had a simple Kerala meal of rice porridge, with a few different chutneys, and green gram, mung beans.
Sleeping on the boat was fantastic, so quiet and peaceful, and it was a joy to wake up in the morning ready to go again. For breakfast, they made one of the best egg curries I’ve ever had in my life - one of the reasons I love Kerala so much, curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Thank you to Alleppey Houseboat (alleppeyhouseboat.in/) for giving us a great deal on a house-boat, and for the amazing food and service. An incredible experience, and truly God's Own Country!
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  1. Richard Brown

    Richard Brown

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    At this moment, Im kind of feeling that you are just an any food gobbler "yes" man. Be honest. PLEASE

  2. Richard Brown

    Richard Brown

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    Mark you need to be honest sometimes. All your food reviews seem to be that WHATEVER you eat, is absolutely wow!!. You will get a lot more credibility if you state the pros as well as the cons. Right now Im planning an international foodie trip and Im finding your shows misleading or biased. Im spending a huge amount of money(weak african currency) and we depend on guys like you and "Best ever food review show" to guide us. Please man?!! You are affecting once in a lifetime trips. If you REALLY find every meal you eat is WOW!!! fine. Then I will google elswhere for more accurate reviews. Right now, Im finding "Best ever food review" WAY more unbiased. Sorry. Im also trying to help you...

  3. Mr Bicycle

    Mr Bicycle

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    I didn’t get that Welcome when i was in Kerala & stayed in $5 rooms🤔

  4. Mr Bicycle

    Mr Bicycle

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    He knows how to eat & discribe it

  5. mahmud rabbii

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    South India has one of the best people in the world

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    Efferts you make visiting all new places is amazing

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    ഇവന തലശ്ശേരി നേഷണല്‍ ഹോട്ടലില്‍ കൊണ്ട് വരാമോ എബിനേട്ടാാാ?

    • Saneesh Ck

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      ഓന്‍ പിന്നെ തലശ്ശേരീന്ന് പോവൂല

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    Hello Mark 👋👋 you come to our house,we live in Hyderabad In India, we will be very happy if you come pls🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤗🤗🤗🤗pls reply

  9. Ram Mora

    Ram Mora

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    What is the purpose of Joel? He is just a puppet and repeating what Mark says. The stupid laughter once he tries the food is irritating.

  10. fanele mabaso

    fanele mabaso

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    How much does a house boat this size and make cost in USD? Dont wanna pay any mortgage bond and rates.

  11. Elle가비


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    Why 5-stars hotels can't cook like these. Those dishes look incredibly delicious even for eyes to see!

  12. Sajeev George

    Sajeev George

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    Love those houseboats! Food is the best😃

  13. Sony Kerala

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    Thanks Mark for visiting our kerala.One of the most beautiful places in India. I can see you are enjoying so..much. Lots of love fom london 💕❤

  14. Param Das

    Param Das

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    Hey Mark, I am a big fan of yours. Today, I was watching your videos related to your Kerala trip. I was simply blown away by these videos. As it appears, you are right now in India, if so, what is the possibility of having an episode on Bangalore. As I am currently based in Bangalore, I will be delighted to meet you up if our mutual schedule gets aligned properly

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    Jihadis own country be careful.

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    Who do I contact to have an experience like this? How much was this?

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    how do i stop my mouth from watering ?

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    I'm sorry!....I'm going to have to call " tourist trap".

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  20. Sarai Wongkaew

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    A local guy is owner boat in Kerala?

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    Watching this brings back some wonderful memories that boat is a lot bigger than the one i stayed on great video thanks

  22. Rageeth Kollatt

    Rageeth Kollatt

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    About time Mr.Weins, but you've finally made it . 😁well done. And that too in the most local style even wearing the iconic black mund

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    I just did a overnight houseboat - Please do not waste your money on an overnight package no wow factor

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  40. Stephen Taucher

    Stephen Taucher

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    Hey Mark -- glad that I came across your video, as I'm going to Kerala next month. I'll be exploring southern India for 5 1/2 weeks backpacker style, and am looking forward to it! I've traveled to southeast Asia no less than 6 times in the past 4 years.

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    Enjoy kerala food gods on contry



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    I know it's custom to eat with your hand but personally, I would ask for a knife and fork, or chopsticks!



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