Nammane Yuvarani - 9th September 2019 - ನಮ್ಮನೆ ಯುವರಾಣಿ

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Nammane Yuvarani is the story of two daughters-in-law, Meera & Ahalya. Ahalya is the perfect daughter-in-law, while Meera is just the opposite. But what happens when it all falls on Meera to save the house from ruin, especially when no one trusts her? Watch her battle her struggles.#ColorsKannada #NammaneYuvarani


  1. Colors Kannada

    Colors Kannada

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    • manjunath guttedar

      manjunath guttedar

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      Colors Kannada colorskar

  2. Shivarajdoshi Doshi

    Shivarajdoshi Doshi

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  3. Varshini GP

    Varshini GP

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    I like that serial

  4. Manju Manjunat

    Manju Manjunat

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    Super meera

  6. Nagappa Patil

    Nagappa Patil

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    I don't want Ahalya and saaku romance but I want Meera ani jagala and romance ani Meera saaku love you so so much three members are joined together in serial please and saaku and ani you have to support Meera in anytime saaku Ahalya came because you can not forget Meera okay sing song in serial Meera

  7. kiccha Karthik kiccha

    kiccha Karthik kiccha

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    E ahalya jeevana halmadkoldu alde saku jeevnanu halmadtha edale

  8. Sana Hathim Sana Hathim

    Sana Hathim Sana Hathim

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    so cute meeraaa

  9. Kavitha Ks

    Kavitha Ks

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    I kansu nija agidre supper agirodo adst bega nija madi plz...

  10. ravish ravi

    ravish ravi

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    Nammane yuvarani serial rocking colours kannadadhalli top rating serial edhu sadhyakke.

  11. kavya mesta

    kavya mesta

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    Nice mira

  12. Anusha Anu

    Anusha Anu

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  13. Savita Patil

    Savita Patil

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    Super siriyal

  14. Doraemon Universe

    Doraemon Universe

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    0:15 very cute girl



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  16. Santus Boos

    Santus Boos

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    ನಮ ಮನೆ ಯುವರಾಣಿ ಸುಪರ್

  17. Rs Rs

    Rs Rs

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    wow 9 trending

    • Rs Rs

      Rs Rs

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      @Swathi Appu hello swathi u know one thing

    • Swathi Appu

      Swathi Appu

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      So nice meera ani

  18. Vanee Vanee

    Vanee Vanee

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    Super serial 👌👌👌👌👌👌

    • Amratlal Shah Amratlal Shah

      Amratlal Shah Amratlal Shah

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  19. shymalatha mg

    shymalatha mg

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    Really good at it and I will have ⏰highly recommend you to know ♉kg of the year ⌛just got 🔙 from the beginning of the 🔛how

  20. Nayana shedimane

    Nayana shedimane

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    Nijavada nagavalli avatara start aythu😂😂😂😂😂

    • chini chini

      chini chini

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      It's an dream of laxmi

  21. Chandana Chandu

    Chandana Chandu

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    • Nandini PV

      Nandini PV

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  22. Rekha Kavya

    Rekha Kavya

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