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Camping has a lot of benefits for your mental health and helps to restore balance. Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends and also to make new friendships and to share camping experience. Besides, if you spend most of your time in the office or studying, you need to go to the suburbs for fresh air. Fresh air increases the amount of serotonin, stimulates the immune system, cleanse the lungs and makes you happier. Check out a collection of camping ideas that will ease your life! Use paraffin candle to waterproof your sneaker and you won’t be afraid of the rain or puddles anymore! If you are in the forest, it’s highly important to figure out what direction you should go. But what to do if you don’t have a phone or compass with you? We share a handy tip that will help you navigate your way while camping. To make a compass you will need a metal sewing needle, a leaf and a cup with water. Watch our tutorial on how to create an emergency compass. Watch this video and you will learn various ways to start a fire using ordinary things. You will be surprised by the next easy fire-starting method, use battery, and aluminum foil. Did you know that the mint is a perfect repellent? Burn mint and the smell produced by the burning mint can keep mosquitoes at bay. You can turn an empty plastic bottle into a toilet paper holder. You can use egg carton as a fire starter. Place pieces of charcoal inside the carton and light the carton. Make a trap for insects. Pour coke into a cup and place near you.
00:09 Camping toilet idea
01:18 How to waterproof your sneakers
01:45 DIY Floating compass
04:58 Use tampon to stop bleeding
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