How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

Can't fall asleep? These sleep tips are better than ASMR!
What If You Sleep 2 Hours Less Every Night?:
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Why We Sleep


  1. AsapSCIENCE


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    Did you guys notice the new style? We wanted to add more of our personality into this one, and finally adding sound FX to our videos! YAY. Let us know what you thought :)

    • jenna saintpreux

      jenna saintpreux

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      Literally watch this at 3 o’clock , cause I can’t sleep

    • Jobro


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    • syntehtix


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      At 1:40, can you explain the math please? Where it says your body needs to decrease in temp by 2-3 F degrees or 1.5 C degrees. 1.5 Celsius converted to Fahrenheit is (1.5 * 1.8) + 32 = 34.7 Fahrenheit degrees.

    • Runi4


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      The McGrath's

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  2. red cat

    red cat

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    Partially close your eye. Dont squish. Just let the eyelid open slightly. There would be an urge to shut the eyelid and you have to resist it. Soon you will become tired and your eyelids heavy and you will falll sleepy. Try it.

  3. Sulochana Kurup

    Sulochana Kurup

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    The new style was really good

  4. 4a7Yannick VanHecke

    4a7Yannick VanHecke

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    If you wanna sleep in 7min watch this vid bcs this is boring

  5. Bxby Mochi

    Bxby Mochi

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    I bet people watching this has school tomorrow but can't sleep.

  6. Zegittarius


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    Who is watching this while lying in bed and can't sleep 😅 Sorry if my English is bad 😊

  7. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

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    For me if you want to fall asleep just play yourr phone for minute sudddenly you will tired

  8. Alessandro Sambo

    Alessandro Sambo

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    I thought masturbation was the best way 🤔

  9. Helena Satire

    Helena Satire

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    This video is a waste of time.

  10. Lanxer 012

    Lanxer 012

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    Congrats, you just spent 7 minutes watching a video on how to sleep in two minutes

  11. Nix Cheme

    Nix Cheme

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    hi i like the tips but i cant sleep because of the past horror movies we watch i still keep it in mind like zombies annabel sometging like that can you help me bring my fear away

  12. Karina


    18 घंटे पहले

    My method for falling asleep is to sort of try to dream before Im even sleeping. Sort of sending my brain off on an improv adventure. It also reduces the tendency for my brain to think about those dumb little things that happened during the day. My husband however appears to just require 30 seconds of quiet and stillness and he's gone.

  13. Dark Loner

    Dark Loner

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    I'm eatching this in 3:47am. Someone from facebook recommended bcs I was posting random shit late at night😂

  14. Natalie Mendoza

    Natalie Mendoza

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    I fell asleep watching this

  15. Slippy PeePs

    Slippy PeePs

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    I was awake from 2pm now its 7:43 am and i cant sleep

  16. Eternal_Happiness


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    65??? I can only go as low as 68. But I set my Temp to 69.

  17. Jessica


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    i’m here because trying to sleep with a headache, a blocked nose and sore throat is hell. its 4am :(

  18. Bryan Neal

    Bryan Neal

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    This is a silent prayer practice, same be still , close eyes, relax and don't let yourself fixate on your thoughts just be aware how they overtake mental state . God says - be still and know I Am God . Do this every morning and before bed you will become aware of how much our thoughts consume us. How much we let our imagination rule our thoughts. Your days will become more peaceful as well as your sleep through the night. That's peace from God Almighty, the One true living God, the alpha & omega , most high God. Allow Him to work through you, you simply become an observer, walk in spirit and truth . God is in control and the Holy spirit will intervene & guide your everyday living giving you true spiritual peace from our Father in Heaven. As Jesus tells us when crucified the holy spirit is now available access to all men within. Amen.

  19. Jacob Murphy

    Jacob Murphy

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    When I worked on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise they made us work at least 20 hours a day launching aircraft and then doing preventive maintenance after we recovered the aircraft. None of us even needed thirty seconds to fall asleep whenever they finally let us sleep for a few hours before they made us do it again.

  20. Finda5


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    my father turns the simpsons on to fall asleep

  21. Rose Pearl

    Rose Pearl

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    Starts at 5:11

  22. NSD Xorry

    NSD Xorry

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    "Howmto fall asleep in 2 minutes" *video have 8 minutes*

  23. Emily Krohn

    Emily Krohn

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    Omg so true

  24. Sara Alhoshan

    Sara Alhoshan

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    Me watching this at 1 am and have to wake up at 2am

  25. Pretzel powers

    Pretzel powers

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    Thank you this helped

  26. suhas dey

    suhas dey

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    How to sleep in 2 min seeing a 7 min video Seems legit

  27. frankndeebox


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    Well I can’t go to 18c in my room because it’s to cold for my pet gecko named mecko

  28. Kim Anton Johansen

    Kim Anton Johansen

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    Wont lie, everytime i put this vid on, i never reach the end, dont even remember anything of it

  29. TurboDriftNinja


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    Yo that navy thing, I used this as a kid except I never new this was a thing. It works

  30. Kathy King

    Kathy King

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    me: imma watch this video then go to sleep also me: oh another AsapSCIENCE video, it looks good.... just one more..

  31. Jeff White

    Jeff White

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    When I was in the military, I learned how to fall asleep anywhere in less than 60 seconds: Step 1: close my eyes Step 2: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. Seia Yano

    Seia Yano

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    I tried doing the navy thing while watching the video and literally fell a sleep

  33. simply. nick

    simply. nick

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    How to fall asleep in 2 minutes: Don't watch this 7:50 minute video 😂😂

  34. the bite of 87

    the bite of 87

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    i do not have a clock

  35. Chayse Patterson

    Chayse Patterson

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    Better solution, run into the nearest solid object as fast as humanely possible making sure your head takes the impact

  36. cheater feet

    cheater feet

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    Masturbation solves this

  37. walter weingaertner

    walter weingaertner

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    2:57 am now

  38. Alice Mazzucco

    Alice Mazzucco

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    Tat actually really does work u need to relax it only took me two nights to get it down,breath in threw nose and put threw mouth and just mentally tell yourself to empty your mind and to relax but it works for me and now I don't have to take medication to sleep

  39. The angel Girl

    The angel Girl

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    Yea u forgive me thx

    • Projext Supreme

      Projext Supreme

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      Shut up

  40. Freitas727


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    Get drunk and pass out

  41. Jericho Nelson

    Jericho Nelson

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    Why does every character in your thumbnails have an intense yearn to jump off of a cliff?

  42. Jeremy H

    Jeremy H

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    Some good tips, but I find I sleep well when my tummy is full with snacks lol

  43. Red dlL

    Red dlL

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    Getting up early at weekends is awesome. Think about all the time you have to do things or to relax.

  44. Red dlL

    Red dlL

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    The thing with naps is that I fall asleep at like 1:30 pm and want to sleep for only 30 minutes but in the end I slewp for several hours and when I wake up I'm not even sure what year we have.

  45. Honest Lier

    Honest Lier

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    Who else is watching this video and is tryi..... zzzZZzZzZ.......

  46. Chuck Draper

    Chuck Draper

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    Why would I want to stay up for 2 full minutes when I go to bed?

  47. Mohd Kashif

    Mohd Kashif

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    6:02 am still no sleep..

  48. Abbey Roseburgh

    Abbey Roseburgh

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    Title: how to fall asleep in 2 minutes Video: is 7 minutes*

  49. Spring Water

    Spring Water

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    so sleepy but must watch this

  50. tom jones

    tom jones

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    I fell asleep watching this video, thanks!

  51. VDK Mango

    VDK Mango

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    Me: its time to play My brain: *are u sure about that?*

  52. siwavong yodnoo

    siwavong yodnoo

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    This vid literally​ appeared to me at 2am

  53. Cory O.Cope

    Cory O.Cope

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    an 8 minute video on how to fall asleep in 2 minutes lol...

  54. Ethalli


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    Now all i need to know is how to sleep *forever*

  55. caresar junior's

    caresar junior's

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    How to fall asleep in two minutes video seven minutes WTF🖕🖕🖕🖕

  56. jerome meds

    jerome meds

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    I sleep in 30secs sorry dislike

  57. Aura Landar

    Aura Landar

    2 दिन पहले

    Some things what your thinking before sleep that keeps you awake First: Making you remember about the horror movie you watched 2: You need to eat 3 Bad memories 4 Making you remember about the embarrassment you've made That s me

  58. OwlsnGames


    2 दिन पहले

    So basically. Everything in today’s society prevents us from sleeping. Work, preventing early exercise, overworking and only being able to eat late. Being physically exhausted already and having to worry about our work schedule for the next day. Etc etc So all we gotta do is be rich! Problem solved.

  59. Cheesy roast beef curtains

    Cheesy roast beef curtains

    2 दिन पहले

    Litre of Jack Daniels

  60. Shroom Beave

    Shroom Beave

    2 दिन पहले

    Masterbating usually helps me sleep