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  1. Kalli


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    These comments are brutal, lol... Of all the socialite/INplayerr scandals, I think this one struck a chord bc SO many people out here are truly struggling to get by, get into college, and build a better life for themselves under ass loads of debt and intense mental stress. So, something like this - as opposed to drunk driving or predatory behavior that is equally disgusting, harmful, and selfish - is somehow more unforgivable than other "cancellations." At the end of the day, college scandal or not, ALL of the beautiful, filthy rich influnecers that we follow are just as disgustingly careless as the others... just using our views and attention to line their wallets and build their mansions and breed kids like Olivia. I wish people would think about the bigger picture - wealth inequality is a HUGE problem that is only getting worse, and we feed into it by thinking that if we just destroyed our mental health and personal relationships enough by "grinding" we could also be fancy instagram people one day. Eat the rich! Tax them into oblivion and make higher education, health care, and decent living more affordable for all of us who actually contribute to society.

  2. Hailey Johnson

    Hailey Johnson

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    1:30 lol pause it😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  3. Annika R

    Annika R

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    The INplayer community isn’t your backup plan.

  4. noa friedman

    noa friedman

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    I admire your courage. YOU aren’t the scandal, you are your own person. honestly inspiring tbh

  5. Tracie


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    Come back when you and your sister pass the ACT/SAT. And provide proof.

  6. Sophie CW

    Sophie CW

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    This girl talked for 2 whole minutes and made zero sense. No wonder her mom had to pay to get her into college. 😂

  7. Timothy Marin

    Timothy Marin

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  8. Timothy Marin

    Timothy Marin

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    You can’t come back thoughhhhhh

  9. Brandon Gooch

    Brandon Gooch

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    Okay so y’all have never made huge mistakes, NEVER? If given the opportunity I’d say most of you would have done the same thing her and her parents done. People support Chris Brown still after he practically about beat Rihanna to death, they support the Kardashians that are only in the public eye because Kim’s sex tape was revealed. For whatever reason Logan and Jake and Tanna Paul are highly supported despite all the drama and problems they’ve caused. Allow people to repent, allow them to grow and change. If you don’t like her, don’t subscribe to her. But she made great content before all this, and no doubt she will work 100 times harder now. Give her a break!

  10. Zelenia Wolf

    Zelenia Wolf

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  11. Jacob


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    Why are there so many negative comments? Who gives a shit let her live her life. Go comment your bullshit hate on the 800 other INplayer channel hating on her. for fuck sakes, who gives a shit if you don’t like her unsubscribe lol. stop being petty who cares your money isn’t being affected

  12. julian C

    julian C

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  13. Julia Elizabeth

    Julia Elizabeth

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    Stop hating on her jeesh she is still a teen and is facing the fact that she may only ever see her mom in prison visting hours

  14. Zona 3141

    Zona 3141

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    You said your father "faked" his way through college. Both of your parents are facing serious federal charges. You and your sister posed as fake athletes. An immoral family with no ethical standards.

  15. Tina92316


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    Why?? Hard up for money or attention??

  16. Matthew Bradley

    Matthew Bradley

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    This must be what dementia feels like for old people. 2mins of confusion.

  17. Rez


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    Aren’t you a criminal

  18. WuDankClan


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    You’re canceled lady, you’re a fraud and try to pretend you ain’t. Bye

  19. Laura


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    Hopefully she learns a lesson from this whole thing.

  20. Stephanie


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    As I stated before you deleted my comment.......Oh how I would love to be a juror on your parent's trial!!!! Perhaps then there would be justice for the spots you and your unscrupulous parents stole from other deserving students. Wasn't it enough that you're from a privileged family already? Why make it look like you are on a rowing team when your rich parents could just have made a $500,000 donation for a building rather than steal spots you and your illiterate sister don't deserve! It's disgusting.

  21. Denise Juntunen

    Denise Juntunen

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    Im surprised she has her comments on

  22. Denise Juntunen

    Denise Juntunen

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  23. elf


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    Girl GET A JOB

  24. Pennie Lane

    Pennie Lane

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    Did she get lip injections

  25. Marie X

    Marie X

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    love u

  26. Myyoutube Chanel

    Myyoutube Chanel

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    You are a joke

  27. xx hoe

    xx hoe

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    I feel so bad for her. There are people out there who've done way worse but are still running pretty smooth in the industry. Alright, she did do something really wrong, but maybe we just don't know what options she had to choose from. Whatever reason it might be, let's just let her live and move on. She's still so young.

  28. Carolina Cornejo

    Carolina Cornejo

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    lol, get a job.

  29. Alia Lo

    Alia Lo

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    Oh, are your parents going to jail now or are they paying their way out of that one too? ♥

  30. crack on noodles

    crack on noodles

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    who else had no idea who this chic is but it was number 1 trending

  31. Maximus Brandon

    Maximus Brandon

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    Who else is waiting on H3H3 and PewDiePie to react to this?

  32. Jordan LaPointe

    Jordan LaPointe

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    You have no conscience, just like your parents. You are an adult, criminal.

  33. ChezFeroce


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  34. Alia Lo

    Alia Lo

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    Honestly, you only talk about yourself. Stop trying to throw a pity party for yourself, YOU screwed up, you and your family. Not going to engage in your shit show anymore

  35. Jon yung one

    Jon yung one

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    Ur rich so you go to good school not fair

  36. Ari Cameron

    Ari Cameron

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    What did she do? I’ve literally just found this girl and I need updated

  37. Jayy Marie

    Jayy Marie

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    What her and her family has done is truly embarrassing nonetheless but y’all posting these hate comments like y’all get paid to do it. Like we get screwed up big time and her INplayer probably won’t recover from it but to keep copy and pasting the same hate comments over and over is redundant like WE GET IT 😂



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    This is repulsive. We should all report her videos as spam and misleading. Go back to your crustal house Olivia. Please. There’s no point in you coming back just “ because you want to” - no little girl, cmon, grow up. You’ve not learned anything. 🤬



    9 घंटे पहले

    This is repulsive. We should all report her videos as spam and misleading. Go back to your crustal house Olivia. Please. There’s no point in you coming back just “ because you want to” - no little girl, cmon, grow up. You’ve not learned anything.

  40. Blackpink and bts fannn! 21

    Blackpink and bts fannn! 21

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    wait omg she looks like Kylie Jenner when Kylie was younger lmao