Today we try our best to teach you guys how to kiss but without the cringe... this was kinda difficult but I think we did a decent job. Enjoy!!
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how to kiss with girlfriend challenge tag girlfriend types of kisses
how to kiss with girlfriend challenge tag girlfriend types of kisses
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    • faith efe

      faith efe

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    • Patrina Cobham

      Patrina Cobham

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      @It’s M & B can I see

    • J.R GG Gaming

      J.R GG Gaming

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      Dont be to aggressive for the first kiss every type of kiss is supposed to go with emotion, like if you go into an aggressive kiss right away there is something wrong with you, so always start off with a gentle kiss

    • Chenelle Home

      Chenelle Home

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      JACK AND GAB up

    • Anzel Pansegrouw

      Anzel Pansegrouw

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      JACK AND GAB please do a vid on signs that a guy/girl wanna kid you you

  2. marie mark

    marie mark

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    Omg you are so cute tohether

  3. qass biatch

    qass biatch

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    "I wanna be unconscious when you kiss me"

  4. KXXXraptor 69

    KXXXraptor 69

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    Nah my gf and I use tongue and it’s not awkward it’s more fun

  5. Donny Emig

    Donny Emig

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    I went into this to watch Jack goof off, my friend saw my watch history, i ruined

  6. TheBdog 2009

    TheBdog 2009

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    Who else was cringing the whole time 😬😂💋

  7. Julie Jukes

    Julie Jukes

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    Who came her to read the comments & to listen to Jacks stupid jokes

  8. Julie Jukes

    Julie Jukes

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    This calls me single in one million different languages. I didn’t wanna learn how to kiss I’m just binging through INplayer

  9. Ruandatjie Viljoen

    Ruandatjie Viljoen

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    Meee toooooo i get like 200 butterflies when my boyfriend touches my fave when we kiss, he makes my knees weak😍

  10. Giu lia

    Giu lia

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    When is he going to let her finish her sentence 😂

  11. Stevie Pizzo

    Stevie Pizzo

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    I used my inhaler as he was like take a break use ur inhaler 🤣

  12. Jhansi Rao

    Jhansi Rao

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    GROSS 😫😫😫😫😫😫😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😨😨😨😨😨

  13. Barra Al-gharib

    Barra Al-gharib

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    Why would you use an inhaler in the middle of a kiss!!??

  14. Britany Sanchez

    Britany Sanchez

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    Jack: I wanna be unconscious when you kiss me. Jack and Gab: 🙃 👀

  15. Charles Fletcher

    Charles Fletcher

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    If y’all break up you should date. LIZZO

  16. madison craven

    madison craven

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    ive been trying to figure out who jack looks like for so long and finally figured it out. hes literally a brunette christopher wilde from starstruck i-

  17. Χαρουλα Καλλιγερη

    Χαρουλα Καλλιγερη

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    I know how to kiss but i watched this bc i knew thats gonna be a lil crintz😂

  18. Steven Welsby

    Steven Welsby

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    Idk why im watching this i hav plenty of experience 😂

  19. Tyshian Christine

    Tyshian Christine

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    “Let’s say we’ve been dating for about *3 minutes* and I’m *ready for the next step* “

  20. hello hi

    hello hi

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    8:25 I relate to this guy am minus the having a gf and parents part

  21. Ogzy Games

    Ogzy Games

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    I found a girlfriend yesterday and I kissed her and ... she liked it. Thank you :)

  22. Komal shinde

    Komal shinde

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    That 12:49 part just made me wanna have boyfriend😂😂...btw love u guys so much!!!!...I just learned how to kiss thanks to u guys 😘😇😇

  23. maureen—gacha GANDI

    maureen—gacha GANDI

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  24. Ian Sissung

    Ian Sissung

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    I’m a single bitch

  25. Gloria


    3 दिन पहले

    Do a storytime.. y'alls first time

  26. Hunter Hendrickson

    Hunter Hendrickson

    3 दिन पहले

    U need to do a how,to get a girl friend

  27. Callie Michael

    Callie Michael

    3 दिन पहले

    The inhaler part had me dying

  28. ٣ أطفال /3 kids

    ٣ أطفال /3 kids

    3 दिन पहले

    I was nervous and shy with my boyfriend

  29. Ella Van Hal

    Ella Van Hal

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    He’s so funny. Y’all dating for 3 minutes and I just got off the basketball court HAHAHA

  30. Johanna rueda

    Johanna rueda

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  31. Blocky boy

    Blocky boy

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    Be like me and find an old women who knows what she wants

  32. Ryan gamer

    Ryan gamer

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    weird sound effects

  33. iTakeDubs FTW

    iTakeDubs FTW

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    This man is a beast

  34. Piper Weiland

    Piper Weiland

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    gab looks like a young Topanga from girl meets world :)

  35. oofer rawr

    oofer rawr

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    Im just watching this cause im bored

  36. YaBoiLogan XD

    YaBoiLogan XD

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    I sadly clicked knowing how goofy jack would be lol

  37. Ryan Allen

    Ryan Allen

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    the boys will never know

  38. SaucyyNation


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    the thing is i’ve been making out w girls for awhile but who’s checking if they’ve done it right?

  39. Robloxia Girly

    Robloxia Girly

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  40. pey pey

    pey pey

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    she's so beautiful and she low key gives me Topanga vibes from boy Meets world

  41. skinni sausege b

    skinni sausege b

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    “just beat me down” i felt that

  42. KARAKAN122


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    Plot twist: they are related *home sweet alabama plays in backward*

  43. hugo


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    Finally I can kiss my pillow correctly

  44. Inga-Eve


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  45. Lily’s Life

    Lily’s Life

    6 दिन पहले

    Jack:I only sweat 2 places the armpits and the upper lip and some other places but u don’t wanna know about that 😂😂

  46. Mina Grujić

    Mina Grujić

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    Lets have a first kiss story comment thread😊:

  47. Gabrie Omar Batistuta

    Gabrie Omar Batistuta

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  48. Kimberly Fuentes

    Kimberly Fuentes

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    What if the girl is taller than u

  49. Kimberly Fuentes

    Kimberly Fuentes

    6 दिन पहले

    What if u get a boner

    • Elijah Duong

      Elijah Duong

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  50. Andrew Lasley

    Andrew Lasley

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    The only reason it is 21 minutes long is because jack is a goof

  51. spongebob stan

    spongebob stan

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    they should do a video where Jack explains all his fantasies

    • Fun Things

      Fun Things

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      Oh god

  52. **-Lelie-**- Mini-**

    **-Lelie-**- Mini-**

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    Lol this made me laugh so much 😂

  53. Anime Goggles

    Anime Goggles

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    Nice video! Going to try that on a gal! But I wish I can kiss my ultimate anime crush! LOL!

  54. GD- DefaultRobot

    GD- DefaultRobot

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    the reason why i clicked on this video is because i hooked up with a girl

  55. Jayden Craig

    Jayden Craig

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    This was weird

  56. Hopeless Person

    Hopeless Person

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    I’m single why am I watching this...

  57. xsardas PG

    xsardas PG

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  58. BipolarPolarBear


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    When I keep debating sending this to the guy I’m dating...

  59. Unopa Timothy

    Unopa Timothy

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