1. jita kalikotey

    jita kalikotey

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    And just wanna say just keep on moving. .. you always look natural always be good to youreslf .... Some bitch are just jealous of u ... don't look back

  2. jita kalikotey

    jita kalikotey

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    Hey prajita I'm inspired by you can u please reply me once I'm a big fan of you.....

  3. Harsha Morwal

    Harsha Morwal

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    Prajakta babes meet someday in Thane west 😀😍

  4. wildcat sarika

    wildcat sarika

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    What prajakta did in munnabhai movie

  5. ankit desai

    ankit desai

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    Highlight is great camera angle😂😂😂😂jst kidding i love her so don't take it like hate comment😃👍🏻

  6. Rt Yt

    Rt Yt

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  7. Mayuri More

    Mayuri More

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    Hello aap kya kam krte ho

  8. Anjali Srivastava

    Anjali Srivastava

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    She is soo awesome. I loved the way she answered her hate comments. 😻

  9. Muskan Shaikh

    Muskan Shaikh

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    Love you praju di❤

  10. shruti ghanate

    shruti ghanate

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    You go girl 😘

  11. Vaibhav Chugh

    Vaibhav Chugh

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    Who saw Sanju baba smoking?

  12. Turmeric Tales

    Turmeric Tales

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    Lage raho Munnabhai has been an inspiration for me.

  13. aditi banode

    aditi banode

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    This reply to Gandhi giri you should do more Di loved it

  14. Marium Akter

    Marium Akter

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    she is an inspiration for me..

  15. Harsha Harish Amin

    Harsha Harish Amin

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  16. Soham Naik

    Soham Naik

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    I love it how she isn't afraid to talk in Marathi

  17. Prajakta Chhajed

    Prajakta Chhajed

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    Half of the hate comments was criticism! Sad, you don't know how to take it!

  18. Pawankumar Ladwa

    Pawankumar Ladwa

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    inplayer.info/show/djQtTXFYWUpxNm8.html Check this video for 'Hasva Fasvi'

  19. Shariff Aiman

    Shariff Aiman

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    Awwwwww love u praju ur looking awesome 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  20. Sanika Says

    Sanika Says

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    8.54 is the scene when a girl asks Munna for help cuz the guy was to be judged by one date.... Then baapu tells to see how he greets the waiter (maybe the guys role is done by himanshu) and then she sees the guy calls the waiter doing shhkshkk... Hence proving that he is not the one and then she says Thnks to Munna and leaves (setting is in a hotel from where she calls up Munna for help).. If u are a true Munna Bhai fan you will get the scene I am trying to tell... HIT LIKE SO PRAJU SEES THE COMMENT AND CONFIRMS MY PREDICTION (maybe the role of that girl is done by prajakta)... All the best Praju.... U rock.. Love love 😍 🤘

    • Sanika Says

      Sanika Says

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  21. Nikhil Thatte

    Nikhil Thatte

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    Hey Praju Love Love

  22. ganesh patil

    ganesh patil

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    Kiti badbadtes g

  23. mala jonvar

    mala jonvar

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    I can sense it's Eat Around The Corner where you are having your food 😋

  24. Arman Khan

    Arman Khan

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    Btw great camera angle indeed 😉

  25. Anam Asghar

    Anam Asghar

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    Yaaaar I m miSsing SOnaya....

  26. Rajesh. R

    Rajesh. R

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    Vaha se vo outharo

  27. Yash Chaturvedi

    Yash Chaturvedi

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    Prajakta Di these hate comments are shit and we know how much talented you are and we like you always make such such awesome videos we are with you at every moment and you are best

  28. Swapnil Patil

    Swapnil Patil

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    हसवा फसवी यु ट्यूब वरच आहे.. inplayer.info/show/djQtTXFYWUpxNm8.html



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    Vidya has turned into hippo



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    Actually pillows are just ordinary but you got it free that's why it's most comfortable. Feel the power of free

  31. sameer kerawala

    sameer kerawala

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    There you go - हसवा फसवी (Hasva Fasvi) - Famous Marathi Natak Comedy | Dilip Prabhavalkar inplayer.info/show/djQtTXFYWUpxNm8.html

  32. Abu Sanju Hussain

    Abu Sanju Hussain

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    Love you sanju baba very beautiful video and very good acting Sanjay dutt Bollywood superstar sanju baba I like you sanju baba very beautiful video and very good

  33. Surupa Roy

    Surupa Roy

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    Actually u look tooooo cute

  34. Manoj Dhende

    Manoj Dhende

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    मस्त 👌खूप छान मी आज १६ वा एपिसोड पहिला मस्त......आणि तू १२ व्या एपिसोड मध्ये होती मी रोज पाहतो हा.......😍😘😍😎

  35. Srinath chinnu

    Srinath chinnu

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    Can u please speak just one language?

  36. manasi nagare

    manasi nagare

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    Jadu ki jhappi wali line... ossum paraajuu😉😄 luv luv

  37. Musings by Amit

    Musings by Amit

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    Rahul is your charioteer or what Krishna was to Arjun.

  38. Sunny Polukam

    Sunny Polukam

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    Who watched sanju baba smoking backside😅.....

  39. Nihar Prabhu

    Nihar Prabhu

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    Hi Prajakta, the same thing happened with me also. I also had 2 DVDs one was "warya varchi varat" from p l Deshpande and other is "Hasva fasvi". I also had watched them for a long. I'll drop one down below to watch them

  40. Rohan Shinde

    Rohan Shinde

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    हसवा फसवी inplayer.info/show/djQtTXFYWUpxNm8.html

  41. kaneez Moosvi

    kaneez Moosvi

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    Kaun hai yeh bewaquf jo aise comments likhte yaar😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡anyways u r superb praju

  42. Amita Kulkarni

    Amita Kulkarni

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    I feel very good about you because you met The Dilip Prabhavalkar OH MY GOD GOD BLESS YOU DIDI

  43. Raja Junaid Akhtar

    Raja Junaid Akhtar

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    Apna Bhai Log 😘😘😘😘😘

  44. hardik kataria

    hardik kataria

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    Rahul is saarthi

  45. mera Bharat mahan Nisar

    mera Bharat mahan Nisar

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    Hi I watch 14 episode Munna Bhai lage raho and my favourite circuit

  46. Panna Kumar

    Panna Kumar

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  47. Mitochondria•


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    Varyavarchi varat ❤️

  48. Akshay Bhave

    Akshay Bhave

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    inplayer.info/show/djQtTXFYWUpxNm8.html Hasava Fasvi play is already on youtube !!!! Just in case you dint get that already ;-)

  49. Syed Ismail Chunnu Chunnu

    Syed Ismail Chunnu Chunnu

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    who wants to meet munna bhai.. hits like hear 👍 who loves prajaktha videos hits like hear

  50. Pragati Mali

    Pragati Mali

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    #sawalsaturday you know what new real talk Tuesday video I can't see coz its private video hamse kya bhul hui Ho ye Saja hamka mili 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  51. Ronak Gupta

    Ronak Gupta

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    Seen lot of girls..... But never bitch like you.

  52. Paarth Naik

    Paarth Naik

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    8:10 also watch VARAD NIGHALAY LONDONLA

  53. Prem Korade

    Prem Korade

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    हो प्राजक्ता..... हसावा फसवी you tube वर आहे!! चेक कर!!!

  54. Harsh Rockpunch

    Harsh Rockpunch

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    Rahul is your saarthi 😁

  55. Little Penguins School

    Little Penguins School

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    So proud of you .

  56. Chinmaya Ghanekar

    Chinmaya Ghanekar

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    I still have Hasavafasavi chi CD!!!! 💙

  57. sourav rout

    sourav rout

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    Hi prajakta kya kabhi chul in your heart yar joh bhi project MIL rain hey batadu pehele sey Aur yar tere muh sey hater ka Naam acha nahi lagta do your work jou aapka passion not yeh ki haaye phir sey hater's kya bolu

  58. kaustubh dandime channel

    kaustubh dandime channel

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    Wow prajacta its great to see you with huge stars of the country.. we proud of you!

  59. Adhishree Kerkar

    Adhishree Kerkar

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    Aani tyancha hasvaphasvi natak Atta aamhala 11 vi chya marathi chya book madhe lessone mhnun aahe😍too lucky.. .. ..

  60. Anand Nimborkar

    Anand Nimborkar

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    Kya gundi banegi re tu