THE BATMAN First Look Trailer (2021)

First look teaser at the suit for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson


  1. Prime Motion

    Prime Motion

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    I wonder if there's a competition between actors to try and land Bruce Wayne's parents every time a new Batman movie comes around. Kinda like the crown jewel of the movie, A scene everyone knows, can be done with a scream or two grunts, and you still get paid a ton since its a Batman movie.

  2. TGWarriors F5

    TGWarriors F5

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    10 bucks that this batman is gonna be worse than George Clooney

  3. Boris Lucena

    Boris Lucena

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    Look how they massacred my boy...

  4. ted brant

    ted brant

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    Who else came here to watch this after watching HISHE super cafe episode?

  5. cjnf11


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    Apparently it's not bat-man, it's headlessbat-man. Young Bruce falls into a well, a bat tries to attack him, but he bites its head off. He then makes it his symbol as the first victory and bats obey him out of fear now.

  6. Kevin Vindel- Castillo

    Kevin Vindel- Castillo

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    Who's here after watching HISHE? Superman: Is the Bat on your Chest made from the Gun that killed your parents? The Batman: Wha? No! How can you assume something that specific?

  7. crevanille


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    He looks like crap don't like the new suit dude is scrawny as hell to play batman should bulk up for a role like this.

  8. im perfect

    im perfect

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    Interviewer: How many reboots do you want? Director: Yes

  9. King Dawud

    King Dawud

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    how do i know this is official

  10. Max Looter

    Max Looter

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    New actor to blame, 😂😂😂



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    2021 will be the Batman........

  12. Aralas


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    The Waynes: how many times do we have to die? Director: yes

  13. Potato Patato

    Potato Patato

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    The music is good... but after everything I'm still *so* wary.

  14. Qauckerman


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    The music sounds like Star Wars . It’s one beat off

  15. Warning: Useless

    Warning: Useless

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    Question, is this part of the DCEU?

  16. Yason You

    Yason You

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    Oh sweet their making a new season of Daredevil!

  17. Samuel Henkle

    Samuel Henkle

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    Daredevil, issat you??

  18. templar1138


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    *Slow facepalm.* DC and Warner Bros, just stop trying.

  19. olebogeng modiselle

    olebogeng modiselle

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    I watched the hishe one first now I can't unhear batman of hishe singing

  20. Haydar Özkömürcü

    Haydar Özkömürcü

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    Is that Daredevil?

  21. Chillpi GT

    Chillpi GT

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    Don't cough

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

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      The song is so catchy

  22. Hi There

    Hi There

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    DC needs to stop trying to be like Marvel and start trying to be DC. It's not one-size-fits-all. That's why I was happy with "Joker". DC also needs to stop trying so hard to be PG 13. Low - intensity fights are just not the same without any blood.

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

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      Anyone else hearing the imperial march? Is this the Darth Knight?

  23. Oreo


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    *Becaussssssse I am bAtMAn*

  24. Sunil Singh

    Sunil Singh

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    His mask really worst

  25. Jacopo Dolce

    Jacopo Dolce

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    The music echoes the "Imperial march" from Star Wars. Too easy catching us that way.

  26. Gezzer Lad

    Gezzer Lad

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    Ripped off star wars song

  27. jeislor de guzman

    jeislor de guzman

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    The suit looks kinda inspired by Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

  28. Elmer Gloo

    Elmer Gloo

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    I’m fine with another Batman movie, it’s just weird knowing the dude from the Twilight series is playing Batman. I know Christian Bale was in Newsies, but he just seems like a tougher person to play this role. They should have chosen Terry Crews instead.

  29. Kvd Jr

    Kvd Jr

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    This is Me looking at myself in the mirror and imagining myself to be batman Just me ? Ok

  30. Your typical Lunatic

    Your typical Lunatic

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    New batman movie coming out Thomas and Martha Wayne: "Ight imma head out"

  31. DarkNoHeart


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    They will not show how batman's parents die, they mentioned that the movie will set after 2 years of Bruce being Batman.

  32. Gologo7


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    When will the glitter be CG'd in?

  33. Luis Vargas

    Luis Vargas

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    this is a movie? or a Loop? instead

  34. Charles Warrior

    Charles Warrior

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    Está más chido en español xD

  35. Jazmin Luciano

    Jazmin Luciano

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    Why not just do another Justice League movie but with Green Arrow, Martian Man Hunter, Vixen, Green Lantern (John Stewart version) and Hawk Girl added to the rest of the team? (So we complete the whole squad) also including this different Batman? Why do we need an origin movie of a hero I’m pretty sure *EVERYONE IS FAMILIAR WITH ALREADY LIKE DAMN WE GET IT*

  36. Adam Gottlieb

    Adam Gottlieb

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    Anyone else hearing the imperial march? Is this the Darth Knight?

  37. Justice Magagane

    Justice Magagane

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    The song is so catchy

  38. Gan Khef

    Gan Khef

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  39. Mocha_Latte 2187

    Mocha_Latte 2187

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    Does anyone else hear Imperial march in here, or is it just me?

  40. Joshua Thigpen

    Joshua Thigpen

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    Given he did twilight but we all knew what character he had to portray for that movie. He's done other dramas and is a talented actor. I like that they aren't rushing this movie and looking forward to the training origin of this batman.

  41. Isaac Bendeck

    Isaac Bendeck

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    I was curious about it... so I gave it a try: - Put this video on the 0:09 sec. Mute it. - Go to this video of DOOM's soundtrack by Mick Gordon on another window: inplayer.info/show/Sm05MzJTcXdmNUU.html , and, wait till the 5th second (when the I. DOGMA starts) to play this vid on that 9th second. - Pretend the ending says "The Batman"

  42. bigmuthafooka


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  43. JustPierre


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    How many times must Hollywood kill Uncle Ben & Thomas Wayne? 😩

  44. JustPierre


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    HISHE brought me here. 😊

  45. Paul Sack

    Paul Sack

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    Are they really going for it this time? is batman going to finally get raped in this one? I feel like they're just trying to make batman darker and darker..

  46. Freedom


    17 घंटे पहले

    Also what we need is Thomas Wayne Batman movie the version form flashpoint

  47. Albert Deltoro

    Albert Deltoro

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    Death: come on i already got a whole collection of Thomas and Martha wayne

  48. Freedom


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    He should be glittering and yelling Bella

  49. Steven Harper

    Steven Harper

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    I totally hear “Because I’m Batman.”

  50. William Vega

    William Vega

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    The theme song is epic. It really makes the scene more powerful.

  51. Large Soda

    Large Soda

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    Everyone: *Max brightness*

  52. Bluenite The Warrior

    Bluenite The Warrior

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    Good thing naming this the camera test. Gives the audience a early look on the suit see if it rubs the right way and if the theme goes well for this early early look on the teaser. You can tell they are gonna be careful and take their time

  53. introflow.store


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  54. Joan Campos castro

    Joan Campos castro

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    This theme is very similar to the theme of Batman the animated series

  55. I require your memes

    I require your memes

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    Meh, still prefer the dark knight, the one in justice league looks kinda far ngl.

  56. Victor M.

    Victor M.

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    Oh wow, a new Batman movie without Affleck. Looking forward to it... NOT.

  57. Eyes of the Cervino

    Eyes of the Cervino

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    HISHE sends their regards.

  58. Wanolo Adidas

    Wanolo Adidas

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    oh shit is daredevil



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    Better not fuck up this time

  60. Jesús Olivas

    Jesús Olivas

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    Que van ASER una serie de batman