Dear ICAI why?


  1. Vikram Yadav

    Vikram Yadav

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    Om ignoraay namah!

  2. Arvindkumar yadav

    Arvindkumar yadav

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    We support you sir. Thanks for your selfless efforts. 🙏🙏👍👍

  3. Mayank Mittal

    Mayank Mittal

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    💟💟💜💜🙏thanx sir for concern

  4. Devika Raju

    Devika Raju

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    Wow. Really touched by your words. Your sincerity and dedication is really outstanding. Thank you so much for your unending work towards justice.

  5. Accounts Times

    Accounts Times

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    Can we suit against icai

  6. Shraddha Mishra

    Shraddha Mishra

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    Greatful to have teachers like you ❤️ Thank you soo much sir

  7. Bhagyashree Changoiwala

    Bhagyashree Changoiwala

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    Sir mere frnd k uncle ca hai unke pass paper ate the check karne Wo papers unke bache check karte the jinka ca se koi lena dena hi nai hai Just imagine

  8. Kirron Bindu

    Kirron Bindu

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    Icai has destroyed lives since 1949

  9. pavan A.S

    pavan A.S

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    Know a person by SHETTY SIR in Bangalore.... Baap of knowledge regarding CA subjects ... I think his degrees' explanation is more lengthier than this video ... 😘😘 But not comparing with you sir, just emphasis of ma guru

  10. Viral Chheda

    Viral Chheda

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    In some or the other way ICAI is spoiling life of deserving students. People after giving 7 to 8 attempts are not clearing. ICAI u should make ur entry so difficult so a student can think for something else after failing in CA Foundation and stop this direct entry system.

  11. shabaz banu

    shabaz banu

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    Wisely said sir in favor of both...👍👍

  12. Ritu Raj Singh

    Ritu Raj Singh

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    Students who want to join CA, but due to evaluation System not interested to join, please write slogan on ICAI wall that "We thought of joining CA, but due to faults in your system, We're not joining it. And will say everyone not to join CA".

  13. Kabir Somani

    Kabir Somani

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    best f luck for the protest against hypocrite @theicai bt take one more issue for ur consideration.. in the changed system of MCQ, we students have to provide basic info twice sometimes thrice in examinations.. this eats 15-20 minutes..

  14. ShashankVasi


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    Students to ICAI Bhai ₹200-₹500 jayda lele par copy thik se check karwa de🙏

  15. a d

    a d

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    Theory question me mene dekha copies me, 4 mark ke question me bhale hi concept sahi ho suggested se exact match nahi hota to 0 or 1 mark dete he jese rahem kar rahe ho hamare par...

  16. Raveendra Meka

    Raveendra Meka

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    I passed ca final in may 19. Its very hard for getting a job even after clearing ca final. Its not worth of spending years to clear final.

  17. priyanshu laddha

    priyanshu laddha

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    Ca is easy for hard workers but Sometimes tough due to ICAI

  18. priyanshu laddha

    priyanshu laddha

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    Sir , ok baat batao , muje big 4 jaana h but big 4 call he unko Karim Rahi jinka reference h . Even call Karne ke baad bhi select unko kar rahi h jinka partner level ka reference h . This is the real case with many of my friends. Even muje to call bhi nahi aaya

  19. jogani jenis

    jogani jenis

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    Sir mere saath bhi kuch asa hi hua me ca chhod Raha hu..

  20. Aruna Solanki

    Aruna Solanki

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    I also don't understand one thing what is the sense of filling CA intermediate MCQ's with pencil .Why not black pen(though it was allowed in CPT to use black pen) ???

  21. samriddhi singh

    samriddhi singh

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    Sir they meaninglessly cut my marks in isca in re inspection . I will not anyways believe i got only 11 in isca mcq!! I got 58 in isca gave for revaluation and paper came today with my marks slashed! I originally got 46 in paper and that was slashed to 35 no reasons!’ Why?? If it was 48 in paper then it would be 11 in mcq in no possible way i will believe i got only 11 in mcq!! I have no faith in icai at all. Omr sheet are given but marks recieved are not given for mcq!! Why?? Also mcq are in pencil i have no trust

  22. Veeresh Kalwala

    Veeresh Kalwala

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    I written auditing with standard number and standard name I scored of my friend...before announcing results he don't have confidence that he will pass..after writing exam he said he had doubt of passing...but he cleared final group 1..don't what evaluation ICAI is doing...he don't even interested in seeing his results but he cleared..but I didn't..

  23. Sonu J

    Sonu J

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    sir pm ko letter likhke Is case me interfare karne ka bolo.

  24. Bhaumik Mehta

    Bhaumik Mehta

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    Old days mein 2-3% results aane Ka reason 2019 mein pata Chala Bhai.. Sab GolMaal h Bhai...

  25. sachin purohit

    sachin purohit

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    Same thing happened with me too. Due to the technical issues in portal I could register myself as a member after 4 months of being eligible as a member.

  26. chaitanya bansal

    chaitanya bansal

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    In institute walo ko bas fees se mtlb h students se kuch nhi h...itna reputed organization h kuch toh lihazz rkho yrrr

  27. chaitanya bansal

    chaitanya bansal

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    Why 319 dislikes ????

  28. Dillip kumar panda

    Dillip kumar panda

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    The Institute of Chester Accountant of India ( ICAI ).

  29. Pradyumna Nimbaker

    Pradyumna Nimbaker

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    Yes sir we are with u tysm sir 😘😘😘😘😘

  30. Amjad Ansari

    Amjad Ansari

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    CA course is worst course in India please never ever think about this course. ..... anyway thanks sr

  31. World in my eye

    World in my eye

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    Definitely paper some checkers got "bhand" and then check papers ..."4 peg maar phir check kar"😅

  32. Harsh Singh

    Harsh Singh

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    neeraj arora sir in future: got a letter in the post. what? icai saying cease and desist? but let me tell you thats not defamation

  33. Siddharth Prakash

    Siddharth Prakash

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    Sir mai 8 attempts fail ho chuka hu.apki guidance chahiye pls

  34. Nihar Singhal

    Nihar Singhal

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  35. Nihar Singhal

    Nihar Singhal

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  36. Arpita Suklabaidya

    Arpita Suklabaidya

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    Dear ICAI Thanks for destroying my self confidence.

  37. E D

    E D

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    Kuch jadahi focus hai camera ka sir..zoom Jada hogaya ...

  38. Sudeshna Bhattacharya

    Sudeshna Bhattacharya

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    Huge respect for you Sir for raising voice on behalf of us...I would like to share my incident...last time when I appeared for my CA final for the 5 th attemp a guy was sitting in front of me and he was down due to fever...started copying my sheets...he kept me saying I can't pass as my answers were not enough to pass and he was fallen sick too so I understood it might happen...but when the result came out I saw he got passed and I didn't...from that day I lost my all hopes from doing a job...this is going to be my life because they would hardy allow me to pass I guess🙂

  39. Vipul Gupta

    Vipul Gupta

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    what is the acceptance rate of this exam? what is considered to be really difficult about this exam? I gave JEE adv few years back & I can understand the harsh competition faced by students just to get college admissions!!

  40. Dhiraj Laddha

    Dhiraj Laddha

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    Ghamand chada hua hai institute ko apni (international) image ka...manage nahi hota unse Barabar ..unko khud Ko hi nai samajh aata Hoga ki kya karna hai....bas students ki life se Khel rahe hai... students just leave the course and move forward in life...iss frustration se to accha hai kuch kama lo..kuch Naya sikho.....sukhi rahoge....

  41. Life changer

    Life changer

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    I meant it's timewste to upload such videos nd it's nothing but pushing students panic bitton

  42. Prashant Singh

    Prashant Singh

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    Failure is the biggest lessons of life resilience once developed in your personality, price less.. world is a very tough place. Goodwill of ICAI is world renowned try preserve it bcs of goodwill of ICAI ferternity is precious. Failure in life is very important. Girte hain shero shah hi maidane jang mai vo tifal kya girenge jo ghutno ke bal chale. Kai bar teacher khud girate hain insan ko takki vo seekh sake ki girke uthna insan ko majboot banata hai.

  43. Rajnish Gupta

    Rajnish Gupta

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    We can do a final strike. Kyuki dheere dheere k chakar me. N Jane kitno ko fail krenge ye log. Or ye professionals to ho hi Nahi sakte kyuki khud hi professional manament nhi aati inko. Institute to ek Artificial body h. Think about it. Final strike. Now or never...

  44. Sanjay Manghnani

    Sanjay Manghnani

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    Ab jab result aa gaya logo ne form bhar diye. Ab yeh Sab pir chalo are protest tabhi karna tha jab kolkata me answer sheet pakade gaye. Yeh hota hi rahega. Mass bunk kro ek attempt..examiner bus paise tuste. Bhai wo institute sirf khana khane jaate hai..... package kya milega attempt lagane k baad ,20,k 25,k

  45. Life changer

    Life changer

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    Dear neeraj arora sir i respect u a lot and parveen sir and other beloved teachers of ca fraternity.. I m a ca finalist and a cma.. Let me now put one thing sir that it's no point cursuing icai Or the rules Committee it's hard to change it.. No dharna Or youTube posts will change any thing entirely... Sir if u members can do anything for the students.. Then stop casting ur votes in the election.. It will be a mass appeal... INplayer posts and this videos I feel r just timewaste... Kindly let me know wht u feel.. Regrds one of ur biggest fan.... Kindly share ur email sir.. Regards

  46. chandradhar tripathi

    chandradhar tripathi

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    Ese bahut se students ki jindagi barbaad kar rha hai icai.

  47. chandradhar tripathi

    chandradhar tripathi

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    ICAI pr sue kar dena Chahiye



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    Don’t know konse saste nashe krke papers check krte hai ye log 😒😒 isse to acha hai .. 100% MCQ online exams krwado .. ye written exams ki dhandlebaazi mein humari zindagi barbad hogyi h 😒

  49. Pratham Yadav

    Pratham Yadav

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    Who is here from Excel institute Raipur !!! 😜😝

  50. avant jain

    avant jain

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    Sir I want to share copy of Audit. Plese let me know, how I can share

  51. Sanskar saluja

    Sanskar saluja

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    All icai members were once students how can they take students results for granted

  52. priyanka gupta

    priyanka gupta

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    Sir i have a special friend in my life who did not clear ca final exam four times and just lack by 6-7 marks and thats why it has created so much depresdion in him n a hurdle in both of our lives. Its very sad n ruining for us.

  53. Poonam Painkra

    Poonam Painkra

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    Mujhe ab CA karne me koi interest nhi aa rha....iss attempt ke Baad kuch aur sochna padega. CA banne ka hi Sochi thi life me..ABB to ye bhi samajh me nhi aa rha ke mujhe aur kya karna chahiye 😞

  54. Sunny Acharya

    Sunny Acharya

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    CA ki demand h phir bhi wo most of ko fail karte h. We need a better structure and practicality in CA finals

  55. Vishal Garg

    Vishal Garg

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    ICAI body should be handed over to international body in terms of exams so that not only syllabus improve but also CA students standards improve. Otherwise same issue bad quality CA and further exploitation by other CA offering job at lower remunerations. Students feel ashamed of themselves to be a member of ICAI if they didn’t get atleast standard pay. Reform needed for exam and job standard pay...

  56. Sunny Acharya

    Sunny Acharya

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    Passing CA Final is a dream and dream breaks by ICAI always. They don't have rights to fail who is pass. Any govt. Entity have to come and see all this related to ICAI.

  57. shalini patil

    shalini patil

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    sir, i really want to die. I was topper of school from 7th std. but really ICAI playing with . in my first attempt may18 I was failed bcoz I know I was not studied. but later in nov 18 just due to costing they failed me. again I give exam may 19 account 38 law 39 cost 31 taxation 46 adv 38 audit 39 FM eco 41 eissm 41 what is this .. I can't trust on this result. main khud 3baar paper check kiya I expecting more.

  58. Karthick Kailash

    Karthick Kailash

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    This is precisely the reason why I'm doing CS as a backup and plan to do an MBA abroad as a higher qualification because this course is the worst thing that can happen to a young outgoing student like me how was a high ranker in school, exceedingly good in sports and debating , from the day I joined this course I have felt nothing but regret. My articleship period has been the worst ever. I haven't learnt anything new, just routine mundane stuff and worked so long and so hard for peanuts! Articleship is just a scheme for these greedy CA's to earn tons while the students toil overtime to finish assignments to get peanuts in return, with no conveyance, having to beg everytime for leave. Thankfully I'm lucky my parents can afford to send me abroad to pursue a good education which will hopefully land me a great job which will compensate me suitably. I never want to work for peanuts as the value of this course is going down . IT IS NOT EVEN RECOGNIZED AS A DIPLOMA when I'm going for PG education and a cheap undergraduation Is being preferred by everyone over this while selection . Why should we toil this much ? Think deeply guys

  59. Shubham Jain

    Shubham Jain

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    Respected Sir, I am a CA Final old course student have some queries related to exam checking. This time I have applied for inspection of my certified copies and when I got them I was shocked as this was my 4th attempt. 1. In law paper, though marks were allotted firstly and the answer is correct but afterwards those marks were deducted to 0. 2. In SFM paper, I have taken the decimal places upto 4 digits but afterwards n suggested answers they have taken upto 2 digits only and hence my whole question was crossed and given 0 marks. Also as we were told that marks are allotted step wise but they have just crossed the answer if the answer is not same as in suggested answers. 3. In FR, I have done the question as it is given in suggested answers even then I was not given full credit of marks. 4. In audit, as we all know this was the first time when 30% mcq strategy is started and I have attempted the MCQ with black pen and I can say with 100% surety that my MCQ marks have not been considered. 5. Lastly why did ICAI has declined the passing result of old course??? Why can't they increase it as the old course students have only 3 attempts left. Afterwards they are no were left. Their future will be spoilt if not clear till Nov 2020. So It's my humble request to please put these questions and provide the positive response.

  60. sagar sharma

    sagar sharma

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    sir i got my copy of costing ca final and even on the correct answers marks are not awarded as expected