Dhvani Bhanushali: "NA JA TU" Song | Bhushan Kumar | Tanishk Bagchi | New Song 2020

Gulshan Kumar and T-Series presents Bhushan Kumar's "Na Ja Tu" our first singles of 2020, Featuring Dhvani Bhanushali & Gurjiwan Sekhon in the video, The song is sung by Dhvani Bhanushali, composed by and penned by Tanishk Bagchi. The Video is directed by Sumit Dutt. Hit 'LIKE' if you ♥ this song
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♫Song Credits♫
♫Song - Na Ja Tu
♫Singer - Dhvani Bhanushali
♫Co-singer - Shashwat Singh
♫Music - Tanishk Bagchi
♫Programmed and Arranged by - Tanishk Bagchi
♫Lyrics - Tanishk Bagchi
♫Mixed and Mastered - Eric Pillai at Future Sound Of Bombay
♫Mix Assistant Engineers - Michael Edwin Pillai
♫Music Label: T-Series
Video Credits
♫Director - Sumit Dutt
♫DoP - Manoj Soni
♫Featuring - Dhvani Bhanushali & Gurjiwan Sekhon
♫Creative Producer - Eara
♫Associate Director - Joon Obberoi
♫Executive Producer - Abbiy Obberoi
♫DI, Online and VFX - Image Devices (I) P. L. / Amit Jalan
♫Editor - Pramod Gilbile
Concept by Ranjan Singh
♫Colorist (Image Devices) - Dinesh Gupta
♫Choreographer - Rahul Shetty
♫Dhvani’s Make-Up Design - Tanuja Dabir
♫Dhvani’s Stylist - Shreeja Rajgopal
♫Line Producer - Atrish Trivedi
♫Production Manager - Iqbal Shaikh
♫Assistant Directors - Aakriti Saxena and Anosh Patel
♫Assistant Choreographer - Lipsa Acharya
♫Assistant Stylists - Pooja Gulabani and Akshata Pembhre
♫Hair Assistant - Hetvi Burman
♫Make-up Assistant - Penaz Mithuji
♫Talent Management Agency - Matrix India Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Special thanks to the Gujarat Tourism Board and Government of Gujarat for their support.
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1.Na Ja Tu
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BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 7351044 To 56700
Virgin Subscribers sms TT 11830665 To 58475
MTNL Subscribers sms PT 11830665 To 56789
2.Na Ja Tu - Subah Se Shaam Tak
Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53711830658
Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432117338758
Idea Subscribers Dial 53711830658
Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321111830658
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    Vagad ni Vat

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    Ran of kutch

  2. Swati Kumari

    Swati Kumari

    30 मिनट पहले

    i love this song bcs of it's tunes n agr dhvani mam song m apne bf ko support krti n uske sath chali jati toh story or bhi mst lgti

  3. Om Prakash

    Om Prakash

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    Suprab song

  4. GO Reaction

    GO Reaction

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    bande ne itna kharcha krke party di or ek dm se sham ko chodhkr chala gya larki ko ajib story h dhwani......



    घंटे पहले

    I really like all songs of her because it proves that every person have their own dreams and they should run before their dream not before their love 😊

  6. Nazim Afzal

    Nazim Afzal

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    Nice song

  7. helpless gamer

    helpless gamer

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    Views se jyaadah makeup hai



    घंटे पहले

    Actually This Is the real life story of Paras Chhabbra And Akansha puri of BB13😂😂😂

  9. Anup J Gadhavi

    Anup J Gadhavi

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    Dhunavi dadi I want your phone numbar

  10. Uncle Dhokale

    Uncle Dhokale

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    😍😍😍😍😍Kdkkkk 😍😍😍😍

  11. sagar king

    sagar king

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    My favorite

  12. Tanishs Guchait

    Tanishs Guchait

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    Actually use sab song m better results milti he ... Or sab m har AJ kal relationship m jo jo ladkhi he .. unme maximum kitni galat he kisi wrong person k sth jisss vo khud Ko Jan na hi vul gayei he isliye chod Jata he sab ..

  13. Nanak Dembani

    Nanak Dembani

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    This song is amazing Yeh song bar bar Kon sunta h Be like 👇👇

  14. HR Bangla Media

    HR Bangla Media

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  15. ramesh chandra

    ramesh chandra

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    Sooooooooooo cute

  16. Ajay Anchal

    Ajay Anchal

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    • Ajay Anchal

      Ajay Anchal

      2 घंटे पहले


  17. piegion fly

    piegion fly

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    love u D

  18. piegion fly

    piegion fly

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    hit nice song

  19. sweetie pie

    sweetie pie

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    Wow nice song lob u dhvani. U r sooo lovely

  20. Kuran Tripura

    Kuran Tripura

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    9ice song,,,😜😜😜

  21. Arhan Shaikh

    Arhan Shaikh

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    Mera fav song I love this girl😘♥️

  22. Smart Ravi

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  23. Smart Ravi

    Smart Ravi

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  24. Smart Ravi

    Smart Ravi

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  25. Dragno Music

    Dragno Music

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    drop sound thief

  26. Priyanka Ganjare

    Priyanka Ganjare

    5 घंटे पहले

    I loved the song. I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer in my childhood and I have done my B.E degree from Sha-Shib and now I am working as an aeronautical engineer in HAL.Visit www.shashibedu.com/

  27. CineBuzz24


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    nice song

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    pradhnya athawale

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    Love this song ♥️

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  30. Ravi Yadaw

    Ravi Yadaw

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    Very nice and beutiful 😊

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    Ariff khaan

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    Very nice song

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    Divani you’re so beautiful 😍🌹♥️😍🤩🌷🥰

  34. Sanjay Sadhu

    Sanjay Sadhu

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    Me tumhare jaise hi gati hu my year in 12

  35. Megha TM

    Megha TM

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    Hindi Version of "Out of The Woods".....

  36. Mayna Mandi

    Mayna Mandi

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    I love this song😍😍😍😘😘😘

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    sourav chakraborty

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    Bakwas song🙄

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    Love song

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    Carry on

  40. Pratima Verma

    Pratima Verma

    10 घंटे पहले

    This song would have been a Blockbuster if the concept and execution of video was focused upon, which didn't match the audio. No connection like Vaaste. Though the song, beats are Awesome, Fresh. Love the Hook Beat !!😀

  41. Sara Syed

    Sara Syed

    11 घंटे पहले

    This much hatredness for her??!! Such a shame for these haters! Give her a chance! At least she is now singing her own original song!

  42. Bitoþāŋ Rāy

    Bitoþāŋ Rāy

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  43. Riyazuddin 786

    Riyazuddin 786

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    Like no

  44. Ramvilas gond Ramvilas

    Ramvilas gond Ramvilas

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  45. Shruti Chauhan

    Shruti Chauhan

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    Why in every song her bf leaves her 😋😂🇮🇳

  46. Vimal Sagar Sharma

    Vimal Sagar Sharma

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  47. Ashok Kumar Barada

    Ashok Kumar Barada

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    Very nice

  48. Ashok Kumar Barada

    Ashok Kumar Barada

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    Karma Ahcpel

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  50. Mrwick Jonathan

    Mrwick Jonathan

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    Dhvani to boyfriend:why r you leaving? Boyfriend:just bcoz of foul breath🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. Abdullah Umar

    Abdullah Umar

    13 घंटे पहले

    From now onwards , I will listen Dhvani's track on gaana rather watching the video of it on INplayer because guess what I know the story already 😂🤘..

  52. Gujjar Sab

    Gujjar Sab

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    Har song 🎵 main new boyfriend milta esy 😜



    17 घंटे पहले

    V nice song

  54. Madan Rana

    Madan Rana

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    Nice song my fen.s dhvani i miss you

  55. Khan Khan

    Khan Khan

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    Story bhi bakwas thi

  56. Khan Khan

    Khan Khan

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    Bakwas video thi

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    Arun Nain

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    Parash or akansha 🤪🤪

  58. Amit Lakda

    Amit Lakda

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    Abe exam aane Wala hai

  59. Sahil s Mehta

    Sahil s Mehta

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    She is cute🙄😅

  60. Atiq UR RehmaN

    Atiq UR RehmaN

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    Ruining classic music on top...