Alcohol Taste Test: Which Is What? Ft. Siblings

Sonali and Josh tried to take a very interesting alcohol taste test with their siblings. It turned out to be a lot of fun as it gave us a lot of childhood secrets some awesome sibling bonding.


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    Log peene ke liye paise dete hain aur inko peene ke liye paise mil rhe hain 😅

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    Oohh are you also from assame....tene hole iman deri ki kori aso joldi k comment 2t like ata kor be

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    Joi ai assame...love from assame guys..

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    Amrut Amalgam malt whiskey ka review karo plz..... Lots of love you ok Tested ❤️

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    Where is our subtitle guy/girl???? Bring that person baackkkkkkkk. Now.

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    Sonali is married 😭😭.. really? Really?

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    Joshua's reaction @0:12😂😂😂😂 loved it

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    I hv came again jst to dislike this video☺️

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    Esther is so cool!

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    I have a MAJOR crush on Esther!

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    I want to see some couple compatibility video with Sonali and her husband being part of it 😍😍 ♥ ♥ please

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    the time Sonali says she's married my heart just broke💔💔

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    Yeahhh....sonali is finally back 😘💯

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    Is sonali agent may😢

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    Sonali is that poll khol sister who embarrasses you always 😒

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    Sonali toi hossake bom modahi beh👍👍

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    Sonali বা বহুত মৰম

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    sonali is pro in alcohal tasting competition..... exactly like a girl a man wishes for....jealous from his husband

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    Can u do a video on vadahpav

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    Why drinking alcohal is so casual nowdays

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    @9:42 Sonali's brother is like "Sutta pila do yaar please" :) :)

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    7:08 When you are like Mjhe chadi nahi Hai😂😂

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    Joshua & Esther 💟❤❤💟❤💟❤💟

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    Joi aai axom😁

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    Joshua's sis is soo cute😍

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    Sonali bohat badi piyyakad hai..

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    Okhomor naam rakhiso suali

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    This smell toxic like whiskey and masculanity 😂😂😂😂

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    assam is like daaru capital of india...you can't beat an assamese in daarugame..i repeat you can't😊🍺🍺

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    Please hire Esther....! She’s soooo fun..!

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    Who else is going crazy about the fact that Sonali is married ????

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    Hey Joshua if you ever come across this comment by any chance , did esther ever study in loreto convent ,cause I feel she's the same esther I used to idolize cause of her rock chick vibe

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    When they were kid their parents gave permission to drink after 18 but our parents in this period of time disagrees with drinking ever in life!

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    Sonali d ami modahi'e.. Mod is god!! Ne ki kuaa??

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    I always knew sonali would nail it. She is super talented :)

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    Sonali is PhD ,masters ,honors everything in alcohol topics 😂

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    I didn't know that Sonali is married

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    North eastern s drink more than South Indians....proved

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    not gonna lie, i have a phat crush on esther

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    Guys I m waiting 4 ur I-Day special vdo based on India's struggle 4 independence quiz

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    Tech Hack!!

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    When she talked about nose pallet cleanser... Coffee beens are the best

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    Ohh man Sonali had it all right!! It had to be. It's her expertise 😉😃😁yeah u rocked it. And ur bro is too sweet😊

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    Pls do cheap vs expensive pasta

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    Nobody: Ok tested: lets promote *Lizol*

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    2:43 Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahaha! Oh God! Subtitles hahahahaha!



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    Oh man ! Damm like i said earlier Sonali aka True bewadi...wanna c her wd her dad..kiilin it...nailed it...alcohal vedeos ..no match to her...still have memories of 2 yr olf vedeo..cameraman ko pila di...Narangi ...She is pro... high 5 team Sonali..alcohal vedeo incomplete wdout her...looking forward for more Alcohal vedeos..

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    Aishhhhhh Axomiya dekhunnnn

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    I'm loving Sonali.

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    Joshua and Esther ♥️🔥With love from Kerala 🌴 Typical mallus💥



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    Tohot kela haria kah 😂😂🤣🤣 moja be joi 2:42 joi aae akhom

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    What the heck Sonali is married?why me why me god

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    1.50 behen chahe doctor ho ya lawyer, apne bhai ke history ke bare mein hamesha lender hi rahegi...... me:didi pani doo she:mein jab boli tab muze diya??? after a while; she: oye zara paani laa me: tu kab layi muze she: jab tu maa ke pet mein tha aur tuze pyaas lagi thi tab pani kisne lake diya tha???????

    • Square Dimension

      Square Dimension

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      see 3.20 also see his face........LOL

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    We want Joshua's sister in more videos!

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    Borhia sonali ...hilai dila.anyways guys u rocked.joshua s sister can b a part of the ok tested team.she is good!!

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    Kis kis ko aaj pata chala k sonali married hai Or kitno ka aaj dil tuta

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    Sonali is Assamese!!! I am Assamese too.. I replayed that part when she spoke Assamese just to b sure that she is Assamese

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    Sonali you are a queen

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    I always smile watching your videos thank you so much..for making my shitty days a little better..lots of love ok tested!!!❤😘

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    Sonali rockkkkkzzz agar sonali nhi hote isme to maza nhi ata......u guessed all correct. Superb😘....... Big 👍for 5/5

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    Sonali's brother was lit and chill at the same time. He just sat there and drank, till she said "like comment subscribe" he was finishing his last peg and nailed it at the end with "ab sutta pila do yaar" 😂😂

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    Isko kehte he khandani bewde🤣🤣

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