The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 5 | Bachna Ae Casino | The Zoom Studios

No bags. No cash. No cards. But life is not about the cards you're dealt with, it's about how you play the hand. And this group is more than willing to take a chance. But will this gamble fold their friendship? Watch episode 5 of #TheHoliday to find out!
Created by: Lakshya Raj Anand
Featuring: Aashim Gulati as Armaan
Adah Sharma as Mehek
Priyank Sharma as Patrick
Natasa Stankovic as Sara
Sarah Anjuli as Mia
Veer Rajwant Singh as Kabir


  1. The Zoom Studios

    The Zoom Studios

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    • Navratan Darda

      Navratan Darda

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    • Shubham Arora

      Shubham Arora

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      #ZoomStudios you are making the best indian web series . Everyone is loving it a lot . Like I am your huge fan because earlier #MomandCo & now #TheHoliday . Superb .

    • princu kurrey

      princu kurrey

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      Next part aaur exiciting hoga...iam sure

    • princu kurrey

      princu kurrey

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      Bhai ...jitna part bana sakte ho banate...raho...iam really enjoying ....thanks alot

    • Atif Jawed

      Atif Jawed

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      @Aana Aapa Congo 🤘

  2. Gargi Agarwal

    Gargi Agarwal

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    Looks and acting of each and every character 😍😍😍...U guys nailed it😘😘😘😘😘

  3. deepu rahuldev

    deepu rahuldev

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    Mind blowing gg

  4. deepesh billore

    deepesh billore

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    Heart touching💘

  5. mittal baria

    mittal baria

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    I came here to see adah sharma in bikini

  6. Suhana Chettri

    Suhana Chettri

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    Even I want friends like them 💙💙

  7. Jekin Dedhiya

    Jekin Dedhiya

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    This episode was the best in this series from lack of money to thunder to back again and fun 🤩

  8. Sincha


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    Love this serius this series brek collage ronence

  9. Israt jahan

    Israt jahan

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    Anyone cared about the cameraman? :(

  10. Muskankhushi Seth

    Muskankhushi Seth

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  11. Lokesh Goel

    Lokesh Goel

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    what a series!!!! loved it, need more of these kind and cover lot of other countries and all of you did a great acting, seems so real friendship,love and bond!!!!!

  12. Ash Zamani

    Ash Zamani

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    Great acting! Loved every second of this episode...

  13. Kirti Prajapati

    Kirti Prajapati

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    14.19 Bestest one 😍😍a male friend doing for her female friend.. hahah soo cool🤣😋

  14. Nitin k

    Nitin k

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    itni acchi story moments u have wasted in making web series is par to movie ban sakti thi really wasted kar di story

  15. Nitin k

    Nitin k

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    agar aise hi movie banoage to u all will be ranveer singh of bollywoood

  16. Nitin k

    Nitin k

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    what a series gyus u all nailed it the fight was looking so real

  17. MIDAS


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    2:27 over acting ke dukan

  18. Deep mehta

    Deep mehta

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    I know I am watching it very late but, It's fun watching it guys😍

  19. Subhadeep Ray

    Subhadeep Ray

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    The actor who played kabir is very deep and intense... Every scene of him is so intensified through his acting!!!

    • shobhit gupta

      shobhit gupta

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      The actor is the iconic veer rajwant singh

  20. Hussain Anwar

    Hussain Anwar

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    Patrick,s character ❤

  21. Bahdida Kamil

    Bahdida Kamil

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    So good friends

  22. RATHORE 'S


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  23. Anand Pohoroo

    Anand Pohoroo

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    Love from Mauritius

  24. Awesome Blogger

    Awesome Blogger

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    Ma chudaye bachelorette bc 1.5 crore ke lag gaye 😖

  25. Aayushi Patel

    Aayushi Patel

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    Veer Rajwant Singh!!! What an amazing actor!❤❤❤

  26. Smarica Xettry

    Smarica Xettry

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    I wished I had a good friends like them❤️😶

  27. Sheeja Shajeeth Khan

    Sheeja Shajeeth Khan

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  28. Aman Raj

    Aman Raj

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    Am i the only one who is still thinking about 1.5 crore?

    • Aman Memon

      Aman Memon

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    • Charchit Kumar

      Charchit Kumar

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      Me too 😅

  29. Qasim Ali

    Qasim Ali

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    Ausome series

  30. Rajput Prince

    Rajput Prince

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    Plz lard mat yree



    3 महीने पहले

    Ending made me cry.. hope to find freinds like these bunch🙁

  32. xxthreshold xx

    xxthreshold xx

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    Carefully watch adah the entire 10:00 to 11:00

  33. Revathi Madhavan

    Revathi Madhavan

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    Is Patrick the Indian version of Joey ?! Haha. Loving all the characters ♥️

  34. Sulagni Sen

    Sulagni Sen

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    Only pretty girls get such friends;))

  35. Raj07 rr

    Raj07 rr

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    Ye bc budiya LG ri h Adah Sharma lol

  36. shubham munjamkar

    shubham munjamkar

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    I'm still thinking about that 1.5 crores 😂😅

  37. Lilly Frank

    Lilly Frank

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    You are just getting married,not dying that u won't be able to meet if friends

  38. Rishabh Sharma

    Rishabh Sharma

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    Wow Maza aa gya Is wale episode ko dekhkr sach me bachpn k dost yad aa gye Hamara b group tha 2boys & 3 girls ka Sab saath me school kiye College b sath me kiya Diwali, holi sab sath me Ab hm sabki shaadi ho gyi or sab apni dunia me busy hai Kabhi phone par bat to hoti hai but sirf baat hi hoti hai Ab hm ek duje ko respect dene lge h Jo pehle kbhi nhi di Miss krta hu sabko Un dino ko 😑😑😑😑😑

  39. Anya Sethi

    Anya Sethi

    3 महीने पहले

    Can u release the song used in this ep

  40. Sutej Pokle

    Sutej Pokle

    3 महीने पहले

    Sonu Nigam & Adah Sharma ❤