Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity

Simone Biles is the first woman in history to land a triple double on her floor routine at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Mo. part of the Team USA Champions Series presented by Xfinity.


  1. missreds88


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    Gravity.exe has stopped working

  2. WantOxide


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    Watched the 70s Olympics and this. Doesn't feel as good as watching the 70s ones but damn we got faaaaaar more advanced in this sport nowadays... She's incredible

  3. breakshot74


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    my knees are hurting just from watching

  4. Remi Maloney

    Remi Maloney

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    Hey it's Amber!!

  5. A G

    A G

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    Doping 101 %

  6. Vito Karleone

    Vito Karleone

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    man or woman?

    • Vito Karleone

      Vito Karleone

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      @Callum Hudson-Odoi In my country, mom is only a woman

    • Callum Hudson-Odoi

      Callum Hudson-Odoi

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      is your mum a man or a woman ?

  7. Chris Hunt

    Chris Hunt

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  8. 9


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  9. Mary Patton

    Mary Patton

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    I tried gymnastics when I was 5, then 6 and then again at 7. I loved gymnastics and was naturally flexible but I didn't work out. I was terrified whenever I was upside down. I never got over that fear. Paranoid.

  10. Mary Patton

    Mary Patton

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    When she does the triple double, does she keep her eyes open? I wonder what that looks like from her perspective. Could she do it with a tiny camera on her head? I imagine dizzy beyond all recognition.

  11. allan Bell

    allan Bell

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  12. AL C

    AL C

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    Her butt can kick my ass (no pun intended) it’s sooo toned with muscle

  13. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson

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  14. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson

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    Best in the world! Hands down! Of all time!

  15. ATUL Koundal

    ATUL Koundal

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    Superbbb ❤️ from INDIA

  16. Carlos Henrique

    Carlos Henrique

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    Simone já entrou pra história da ginástica artística, uma grande e maravilhosa atleta, parabéns!❤️

  17. Lazz the Wolf

    Lazz the Wolf

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    Bro if you look closely, you can see thanos in the crowd scoping out Simone to try and recruit her

  18. Lazz the Wolf

    Lazz the Wolf

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    Bruh, the announcers “UGH....ugh” is literally me at home anytime I watch the goat 🐐 perform 😂 😆 Like words fall short I swear!

  19. Georges Ducame Aly

    Georges Ducame Aly

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    You are the best Simone Biles. Love you.

  20. sonder


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    that flip at 1:10, does anyone know what it’s called?



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    I thought she was a beautiful girl. I was right ! But now she's a graceful and beautiful woman with a personality to match her gymnastic prowess. My wife and I love you, Simone.

  22. Andreea Andreea

    Andreea Andreea

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    There's one thing I do not understand about all the hype on Simone Biles. She's the first gymnasts to do this move. Okay? There had always been gymnasts to do moves that no one did before. Simona Amânar doing the Amânar vault for the first Time ON A HORSE, not on a vault table (now everyone does it, including Marooney, known as the greatest vaulter AND BILES). Silivas doing a Double-Double THIRTY YEARS AGO, when the Floor was just a big mat. There were other gymnasts to win 4 gold medals at the same olympics (Larisa Latynina în Melbourne 1960?not sure and Ecaterina Szabo 1984) There were other gymnasts to win medals at every olympic finals they qualified into (Daniela Silivas - 1988). There are other gymnasts that won more than 4 golds în a major competition for the same aparatus (Cătălina Ponor has 5 Balance Beam gold medals în European Championships.) One thing she did than no other gymnasts did was having the biggest number of medals at Word Championships, I think she has more than 20, that this is a HUGE accomplishment. And she performs the highest score skilled on the Code of Points. That's a huge accomplishment too. She is the greatest of her generation. But calling a gymnast the greatest of all Time, is wrong în my opinion. She had the chance to be born în an era of youtube where her performance can be so easily shared and her popularity can reach everyone. But if you are a true fan of gymnastics, than you Know that there had been a lot of great gymnasts during all this Time. Greatest of their generation. None had the nuts to call themseves "greatest of all Time". Not even Nadia. Not even Korbut (who changed gymnastics forever. Everything we see în modern gymnastics îs a result of her revoluționary routines). Not even Svetlana Korkina (the most decorated gymnast în worlds before Biles). And regarding the doping problem, I don't think Ritalin helps her perform better. I don't know if it helps her concentrate better, which is essential în gymnastics, given the fact that she's so tiny. But I guess the federation knows better . I'm not arguing with the fact that she's allowed to use it. There's one thing I find unfair tho. Andreea Raducan won all around competition at Sydney 2000. They took away her medal for a cold pill her doctor gave her. Îs it fair that Biles can compete while using substances that are basically banned, and Raducan îs stripped of a medal she worked her whole youth for, for a cold pill she took once?

  23. Krissy B

    Krissy B

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    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

  24. Sáchi Crichton

    Sáchi Crichton

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    I overheard a mother say to her child after watching Simone LIVE “Darling... listen... you have to choose another career” 💀😂

  25. Heather Kmetz

    Heather Kmetz

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    She always performs to the same music, she should change it up.

  26. Thais Castro

    Thais Castro

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    Fantástica 🤗

  27. TwinsAmv


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    She uses the floor just like a trampoline and that scares me

  28. Date Mike

    Date Mike

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    Anyone know why they put a mat on the first flip?

  29. Chuck Pestacchi

    Chuck Pestacchi

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    Simone is a true champion, she's totally amazing.

  30. Bruno Silva

    Bruno Silva

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    Whats the name of song?

  31. byuti yots

    byuti yots

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    Very good my favorite gymnastics 😘😘

  32. Christian Leo

    Christian Leo

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    At last, that's a perfect bum bouncing end!!!

  33. Miss Deon

    Miss Deon

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  34. Whit h

    Whit h

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    her power and grace brings tears to the eyes. wowow

  35. Kai Kostal

    Kai Kostal

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    Lmao so ik it’s a new skill to women’s gymnastics but you can’t rename a skill that has had a name for like 30 years. It’s called a Miller. Not a “Biles 2”.

  36. Martina Landabaso

    Martina Landabaso

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    This is Simone 🤸🏿‍♀️ I like : 🥇

  37. Sara AB

    Sara AB

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    I just realized something.. Muslim girls who practice their religion can not compete in Gymnastics championships. It requires wearing a leotard that shows your entire legs, while the veiled women hide everything. Not everyone in the world is being considered in these competitions 🤔 Don't come at me with the how can wee see if your legs are straight or how can you do stunts with pants on. For me they can at least wear tight shorts or leotards can be at least extended. These competitions have been stained with perverts that set the clothing rules. The entire world can see everything. That is a price they have to pay to compete, and that is not cool imo.

  38. Julia smith

    Julia smith

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    How... How... How... I’m... I’m... I’m... SPEECHLESS!!

  39. Annaaa Annaaa

    Annaaa Annaaa

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    What was her score?

  40. Sara AB

    Sara AB

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    I have one question.. how does she keep thinking, high in the air about her next twists in milliseconds?

    • Tan Hen

      Tan Hen

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      Grueling practice starting in childhood I'd imagine.

  41. Ann Sylliboy

    Ann Sylliboy

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    Holay Simone's so god damn talented

  42. fghfhg1212121


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    What a hot ass !

  43. Fredrik R

    Fredrik R

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    Is it wrong to call it a miller? I know it's tucked and not straight...

  44. the MadHater

    the MadHater

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    This is like watching Kung Fu but in real life. Wow wow That first body twist, isn't that a men's skill? Greets from the Philippines 🇵🇭

    • mistracy39


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      Yes it's a "man's" skill🤔



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    Honestly I feel bad for whoever goes up against her because everyone knows she’s gonna win

  46. Crystal Clear Truth

    Crystal Clear Truth

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    you should give all those medals back and be ashamed of yourself competing as a female when you know that you have never been a female. a female is not capable of those extremely difficult and impossible moves like that because a real female does not have the arm or the body strength and general or the agility at the level that this man has. They call this person the GOAT. The elite that feed you this garbage here propagated by a solidly male women's gymnastics team those people believed in the Baphomet 🐐it's a goat God that has both private parts from both sexes. They don't call Simon the GOAT for no reason...AND GREATEST OF ALL TIME IS NOT THE MAIN FOCUS THERE... IT IS A SHOUT OUT TO THEIR GOAT GOD BAPHOMET. GOOGLE A PHOTO OF BAPHOMET IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, SINCE I KNOW YOU'RE PROBABLY ASLEEP IF YOU'RE READING THIS. EVEN IF SOMEONE'S NOT TRANS THEY WILL STILL THROW AROUND THE GOAT WORD BECAUSE THEY LOVE HORNED CREATURES..THIS POOR BOY'S PARENTS SOLD HIM OUT AND MADE HIM A GYMNASTICS LEGEND BY MUTILATING AND SACRIFICING THEIR CHILDHOOD AND PROBABLY ETERNITY BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD FOR WHY THEY LIED AND DECEIVED THE INNOCENT MASSES FOR SO LONG. IT'S NOTHING TO BE PROUD ABOUT IT'S A TRAGEDY STORY.



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    Simon you are so pretty and I love you 🦄😗

  48. Moon Le

    Moon Le

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    who here cant even do a cartwheel

  49. Marlon Mand

    Marlon Mand

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    Music🎤🎤 : I believe I can fly Simone 🎤🔊♩🎹: I can fly. OH I can fly. G.O.A.T 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  50. Calypso


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    Shes the best honestly!♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍

  51. Jobber Jones

    Jobber Jones

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    She must be a beast in the bed

  52. Miss Moxie

    Miss Moxie

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    Gravity be like “I’m a law.” Simone be like “you have no jurisdiction here.”

  53. Miss Moxie

    Miss Moxie

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    Where is her crown

  54. Tess Monro

    Tess Monro

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    You are amazing

  55. Steven Steele

    Steven Steele

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    how is that possible to land and not fall down. amazing.

  56. Cruz Castillo

    Cruz Castillo

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    The shame of sports. Doping doping doping!!!!!! Well like half the american athletes! DISGRAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!!

  57. Edwen Benjamin

    Edwen Benjamin

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  58. Filipa Medina

    Filipa Medina

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    Nadia Comaneci what😂😂😂?? Simone is the GOAT of Gymnastics in the Universe 👑👑👑👑♥️♥️

  59. Cabbage 752

    Cabbage 752

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    See the cameraman taking photos of her butt at the start.

  60. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia

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    From years ago when I 1st saw Simone I saw she was destined for HUGE things in life,❤